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Written by Squiggle Story Studios (Michelle Hodgson), edited by Steeveeo (Steve Green)

Jess didn't make it a point to be a preener.
It always seemed better to wear clothes that were practical, unassuming, and clean cut to project what you wanted out of life and to what you wanted others to respect in you. She wanted to be efficient and looked up to, even while being out of her field of study.
Taking more than your adopted field was often looked down upon; not being able to optimise your knowledge made you less valuable. Jess, however, wanted to be more than just a behavioural scientist. Taking managerial tasks would help her better organise people below her and learn the conduct of those above. To learn how they think so she could be one of them.
Jess took off her white Department Head coat and returned it to its place on the rack. Instead, she took something a bit more pronounced than her usual wardrobe, but certainly not as loud as what Laandi was known for wearing.
Jess had the fabricator make her a sleek coat to compliment her lavender scales. She chose the same colours as the Esaander brand — black and orange — to show pride she had for her company. It slipped over her work coverings neatly, and she smiled to herself as she smoothed out the lapel down her chest.
Her terminal computer chimed with a pleasant tone.

“One message received.”

Her first message as director! She happily strutted over to the machine and ordered it to relay it over the speakers.

“Message, play.”

Capt. Rynard: Captain Rynard reporting in, Acting Director. Subject Jasmine is awake and secured. Suspended Executive Director Laandi and Department Head Dr. Xant want to arrange a meeting. They want to speak with you regarding Jasi’s quarantine measures.
Jess paused, deliberating on the message. Her first contact with the Human Subject and her first decisive action as Acting Director. She licked her teeth nervously before sending her reply.

AED Jess: Captain Rynard, tell the Subject that I will make time for her in the third quarter.

Caution and preparation would be needed before this meeting. There were too many variables and so much information she wanted to gather. Not to mention testing the behavioural theories she had been concocting!
Jess picked up her dataslate and began listening through all of her audio notes. Anything she could add to her own observations would be time well spent. The window for unfiltered access would be small indeed.
The Lieutenant was due in less than 36 hours. There was little doubt that he would want access to the Subject restricted, if not barred outright.

Jess stopped before the doors to the Security Wing, taking one last time to ensure her new uniform was up to the standard of presentation before stepping in. First impressions counted, and while Jess had plenty of information on Jasmine, Jasmine had none on her. She needed to impress while she still had that advantage; to do what she could to let the human know who was in charge. Captain Rynard was waiting for her, seemingly more relaxed than when he was around Laandi.

“She’s over ‘ere then,” The Captain smiled, pressing the comms on his neck. “Jasi, the Director is here to speak with ya.”

Jess peered over to the observation screen. While she had observed Jasmine in many video and audio recordings, it certainly was a change of pace to see the Subject in the flesh. Jasmine stood front and centre of the window in her citizen-issue armour, grey and indistinct. The Subject had long limbs that suggested grace, but a bulky body almost certainly had a low centre of gravity. Her large head was pointed down and piercing eyes pointed towards the floor, arms folded tightly behind her back.
Jess noted that the alien had been taking lessons from her caretakers, mimicking a normal stance for GC citizens, but clearly not for the human herself. Her shoulders twitched subtly, and eyes were so focused on the one spot it seemed painful. Laandi and Xant stood on either side of the human.
They bowed their heads and greeted Jess pleasantly.

“Salutations, AED Jess,” Laandi began with an elegant sweeping gesture, “Congratulations on the promotion.”

“Thank you, Laandi,” Jess acknowledged. “I was notified that the Subject wanted to speak on quarantine measures?”

“Yes,” Xant spoke for Jasmine, who gave him a sideways glance as she waited for her turn to speak. “Jasmine wishes to clear up any misconceptions about her actions. While we have done our best to reassure her of the situation, she tells us that it is important for Humans to ‘speak for themselves’.”

Xant turned to Jasmine, who would have rolled her eyes at the irony if she were not using everything she had to control her nervousness.
Jess nodded her head in understanding, and her long tail crept over the security terminal interface, switching the recording to send the information straight to her dataslate. She wanted an original copy of the conversation that was about to transpire.
For research purposes of course.

“Very well,” Jess announced as she had witnessed Laandi perform the opening meeting hundreds of times before. “Shall we commence the meeting?”

[These transcripts are for office use only. Any unauthorised distribution will result in immediate termination and a fine in accordance with the Conglomerate Espionage Act 26.051. Transcripts are the official property of the Esaander Corporation.]

AED Jess: It is 0820 [hours] the 30th [day] the second quarter of [year] 306, Rejuvenation dynasty. I, Acting Executive Director Dr. Kyda Jess will be conducting today's meeting with Subject Jasmine on the matter of her quarantine.

[Note: Subject Jasmine is the first Creator Level intelligence that the Galactic Council has encountered since the Arvas. Much like the Arvas, Subject belongs to a species originating from outside the original sphere of Rajavan influence. ‘Humans’ or ‘Namegivers’, as the Subject’s species is known, has no natural perception of Frequencies. In spite of this, Subject displayed an extremely complex verbal language (including a vast array of songs), and a highly developed sense of empathy (even extending to species of lower intelligence).This empathy has caused Subject to exhibit problems, extreme emotions, and entitlement to authority. Subject has on multiple occasions imposed this authority without warning.]

AED Jess: Subject Jasmine, the Esaander Corporation has granted you Creator-Level Intelligence status. Are you willing to proceed under these conditions?

Subject Jasmine: [<Nervous>] (Be clear, and get your point across.) Acting Executive Director Jess, I would be happy to proceed under such conditions, provided you understand I have no context or knowledge of what those conditions are, and I wish to… exercise my right to a translator (Xant and Laandi would explain for me).

[Note: Humans have shown to have a unique understanding of conditions to contract law. Subject has attempted to make her own stipulations to standard law and negotiates at a level that would be expected of a novice straight from a Genecentre. Law must be important and well established in Subject’s culture for a citizen to invoke such legal language and posture. Or it could be mimicry from exposure to ED Laandi and Dr. Xant? Subject has learned an impressive amount of data since her captivity. Perhaps Humans are adept to fast learning? Further investigation is required.]

AED Jess: Very well-

Subject Jasmine: Furthermore, I would like to ask that you call me Miss Howe, from now on. For the sake of professionalism. Please.

[Note: Subject has many names for itself. ‘Miss Howe’ seems to be a professional title, as it is the name she used to address herself whilst speaking with the former director Laandi. I have concluded that these multiple names are a combination of formality and connection Subject has with those around her.
Known names are as follows: Jasmine Ann Howe, Jasmine, Jasi, Miss Howe, Jasmine Howe, Namegiver Jasmine, Namegiver.]

[Side Note: Humans have a wide range of vocal sounds and the Subject presented the ability to mimic GC language before having the translator installed. Vocal flexibility, combined with complex language may be the way humans have communicated without the luxury of a universal frequency translator.]

[Side,Side Note: Subject continues to disrupt the balance of authority. She recognises that I have the right to speak, but continues to impose her own thoughts without permission or blatantly ignoring that I have superiority. Was it a challenge to my authority? Is it common for the humans to speak so openly to their superiors?]

AED Jess: Very well. Subject Miss Howe, do you understand why you’re in quarantine?

[Note: To combat the constant battle for superiority, I specifically used the term ‘Subject’ to identify the human as lower in authority and not of GC citizenship (authorization pending). The human did not seem to like it.]

Subject Miss Howe: [<Nervous, Appeasing, Guilt>] I’ve been told that my unfortunate outburst hurt some of the crew. I want to let you know that I'm sorry, and I hope my apology is passed on when possible. I will do everything in my power to ensure that it does not happen again and I am happy to remain in quarantine as a sign of goodwill. I would like to continue human and Galactic Council relations.

[Note: Subject admits to letting off a battle cry within the vicinity of citizen assets. Admission of guilt and a demonstration of empathy, while not completely unheard of in Commander type Freq users, it is rare enough to be of note, as it signifies weakness in control or a different authority structure to what is used by the GC and the Arvas imperium.]

AED Jess: Subject Miss Howe, you are in quarantine because it has happened multiple times. Often without warning or pretence. Your guarantee is not something I can securely invest in.

[Note: Subject broke her fixation on the floor to make direct eye contact with me after this statement. Freq monitoring systems indicate a mild spike in aggression. The Human really did not like me calling her ‘Subject’.]

Subject Miss Howe: [<Guilt, Disbelief, Curt>] Acting Director, I am in an unfamiliar place, with a translator that turns my thoughts and emotions into weapons. I think it’s fair to say that there have been mistakes on both sides.

AED Jess: So it was a mistake when you incapacitated the staff assets on the habitation floor?

Subject Miss Howe: [<Guilt, Hurt>] Yes. (Of course it was!)

AED Jess: And it was a mistake when you forced the medical staff to withhold action to remove the specimen Sieglinde from the examination room?

Subject Miss Howe: [<Guilt, Disbelief, Confusion>] (What is she talking about?) Yes?

AED Jess: And it was a mistake when you forced the guards to pin Dr. Duuarn during your confrontation?

Subject Miss Howe: [<Surprise, Guilt, Defensive>] Yes. (Don’t you dare...)

AED Jess: If it was a mistake, Subject Miss Howe, then why didn't you stop when you saw he was in pain?

Subject Miss Howe: ... [<Guilt, Anger, Fear, Offence>]

AED Jess: But I do agree, mistakes were made that we cannot afford to repeat. Your latest outburst has cost Esaander nearly [50 years] worth of projected contribution credits in staff assets. Has that been explained to you?

Subject Miss Howe: [<Fear, Offence, Confusion>] I know that I’ve hurt innocent people, and that was never my intention. I figured that would be more important than the company’s lost profits?

AED Jess: Subject Miss Howe, Staff Assets refers to the incapacitated crew aboard the station, as well as Dr. Xant, ED Laandi and the guards with you. All have been compromised and have forced the station to be running at below efficiency.

[Note: Subject is very demanding of information; most subordinates do not question those in a superior position. Another instance of the human challenging authority? Does she need to know this information? Does it pertain to her- wait, I surrendered information involuntarily?! That shouldn't have happened! I was behind the Freq barrier! [Long pause] … [Scrambling noises].]

Subject Miss Howe: [<Anger, Confusion, Disbelief>] Then let Xant and Laandi help! I’m the troublemaker, they don't need to be locked up in here with me, I’m the ‘threat’!

[Note: Subject is trying to take on the blame of Laandi’s actions. From the information I have gathered from interviews and video recordings, the incidents have been triggered by either a perceived threat to the dogs, or information regarding the Rajava. My investigations are incomplete, however, as I am lead to believe that Dr. Xant has private recordings detailing further triggering incidents.]

[Side Note: Subject was trying to manipulate the situation (willingly or unwittingly that has yet to be determined), her Freq becoming increasingly stronger and erratic. I chose to terminate the conversation despite how fascinatingly quickly the Subject had become hostile. I cannot cause another incident so I am treating every interaction with caution.]

AED Jess: Y-your request is denied, Subject Miss Howe!

[Side Note: I was well within my right as the Acting director to issue that denial!]

Subject Miss Howe: [<Anger, Confusion, Disbelief>] What, why?! You think I'm going to covertly take over the station? To do what?! I’ve already shown remorse for what I’ve done! I don't want to do it again and controlling the station doesn't get me anywhere!

AED Jess: Y-you are not in the position to make requests! You are a specimen under the care of the Esaander corp and, if we want to get technical, an asset of LTC Nako. U-until such time as you are recognised by the GC, you are to be quarantined so as not to compromise the remaining staff!

Subject Miss Howe: [<Anger, Defensive>] Specimen, Subject, Asset… Am I a product or a person to you?!

AED Jess: Wait, does your species make a distinction in that regard?

[Note: Subject is stunned by the statement, perhaps it has never truly occurred to the Subject? Citizens and military personnel are products and assets of the GC, freemen and drones are products of the Arvas Imperium, is she not a product of her own society? Does she not have responsibilities to the authorities that created and sheltered her? And if not, how does a society bereft of such obligations even function?]

Subject Miss Howe: [<Shock, Anger, Pity>] ...

AED Jess: If you have knowledge of contract law, then you understand that staff assets are products of the company, do you not?

Subject Miss Howe: [<Shock, Pity, Anger>] (Goddamn, Xant wasn’t lying.) ... I do, and it sickens me.

[Note: It sickens her? That’s... terrifying. [Long pause] But why? Do companies act differently in her society? The concept translates well enough, there must be more nuance to the idea.]

AED Jess: But.. how does that work? Are you sub-contractors? Do the companies not provide for their staff? How do your people ensure societal growth and stability?!

ED Laandi: AED Jess, I believe you have strayed from the meeting’s original intention. Perhaps this could be concluded at another time?

[Note: ED Laandi’s interruption prevented me from gathering more vital information regarding the strange social structure of Humanity. Further study is required. Extensive study. ]

AED Jess: Eh?- Oh! Ahem! Subject Miss Howe, I propose to schedule interviews, detailing the likely triggers of your Freq blasts so that you may better control them amidst the GC population.

Subject Miss Howe: [<Anger, Defensive>] Fine, I’ll let you know exactly what kinds of things piss me off so you can avoid them in the future.

AED Jess: … Then we are in agreement, meeting adjourned!

[Session Terminated]

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