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Dr. Yusa monitored the growth of the new translator organ, but it was a very slow progress.

she had several different variants growing in test vats but none of them seemed to be taking to the DNA sample she had been given. It was a raw sample, having not been treated and scrubbed of any useless DNA, so integrating it into the GC standard stock was difficult to say the least. Of the six test runs, five of them had developed unsightly tumors or had incompatible functions. She was starting to think she might have to wait until it was properly scrubbed of the clutter which could mean another week of waiting before she got a viable test organ.

Dr. Yusa didn't so much hear the commotion as felt it when one of several strong frequency presences returned to the GeneLabs. Cool calculated and calm, Dr. Yusa recognised the Freq signature as a Zenthi so she was not the least surprised when Dr. Xant requested permission to enter her lab.

He was a distinguished individual for someone a few years younger than herself; he carried himself with the air of a wise scholar, but one with the patience for fresh students.

While Yusa was not fond of interruptions she was welcoming of a second opinion on her work. “Salutations,” Xant nodded his head politely, “I am doctor Uru’nav Xant.”

“Salutations,” Yusa returned the greeting “I am doctor Tana’su Yusa,”

“I must say it has been a rather long time since I have had the pleasure of being in another Zenthi’s presence.”

“I noticed the sparse staff allocation; is Esaander suffering financial difficulties?”

“No Uleesia station is a new acquisition of the company and as Esaander procures new staff assets they will be sent here.”

“I see.”

Xant approached the growing tanks peering in and inspecting her work. His ears flattened and a mild sentiment of disappointment filled the air. “I had hoped you'd be further along with the translator by now.”

“This is uncharted science, Doctor,” Yusa reminded him. “Incorporating a new species into the GC gene field is a long and careful process; nevermind that I have been given the barest of information, materials and equipment,” she replied defensively. “You should be grateful I am continuing this project at all! After hearing the supposed subject is in quarantine I have half a notion to suspect you are harboring a pirate or rogue.”

“Ah,” Xant turned to her and lowered his head graciously, “I was unaware of the situation, I've been so swept up in my own research and responsibilities that I forgot the hurdles you must overcome.” Xant pulled his dataslate from his coat and put it on record, “Please tell me of every obstacle in your path and I shall do my best to eliminate them.”

Yusa was surprised, usually it was a department head who told you what to do, she’d never had a supervisor so attentive to her needs before. “I need the gene sample sequenced,” she demanded. “Without knowing the volatile genes I'm working with I am essentially making guesstimations trying to incorporate insectoid based genes into a million unknown mamillilan structures. Without knowing the switches, my work becomes well,” she sighed, “cancerous growths.”

Xant nodded, “Is that your only concern at this time?”

“At this time? Yes.”

Xant thought for a moment. “The subject species, Human, has proven to be most adaptable. CMO Doctor Krydon should have dataslate on how the current human physiology is adapting to the Zenthi translator. You should be able to tell what is causing the organ stress from those sources.” Making a note on his dataslate, “I shall also have CMO Krydon send down the live feed recordings.”

“Thank you, and the sequencing?” she insisted.

“I will see if I can have one of the spare servers run Jasmine's DNA. The other geneticists should be near completion of at least one of the dogs. A creator a level intelligence should be of higher priority…” Yusa wasn't sure what she made of this Dr. Xant; he was far too liberal with information, but he seemed genuinely motivated to speed up her work. “I can also bring the Subject down so you can see what kind of vessel the translator needs to fit.”

This caught Yusa by surprise. “The acting director said that the Subject was quarantined?”

Xant smiled. “Was being the operative word here. A bit of the inexperienced Acting Director’s doing; Lieutenant Commander Nako has cleared Jasmine of any charges of wilful coercion. He was able to withstand her pulse is just fine.”

Xant was very liberal with information.

“If a Lieutenant Commander has cleared the Subject then, yes seeing the creature in the flesh will certainly help my work.”

“Excellent!” Xant wiggled his ears pleasantly, “I will take it up with the Lieutenant, I look forward to working together, Dr. Yusa.”

Yusa could only nod return as the pleasantly strange doctor took his leave. Perhaps she could divert some time to researching her new coworker.


Jess stood at the Director’s terminal, furiously authorising every secure and ‘for directors only’ document and audio file she could. She had precious few hours left as Acting Director, Lieutenant Commander Nako had begun negotiations with Essander Corporate to reinstate the quarantined staff. Laandi would return as Director and she would be designated Head of an underfunded department.

Jess sent all the files she could to her terminal for later study, until a notification popped up and it was from Isk:

Transfer request for employee asset [270:3364:404]Au Isk. Middle management skill set, requesting [4 years] contribution credit status.Transfer from Uleesia station to Saan’toe Station.

Isk was requesting a transfer and doing it via Corpnet. Isk was not the kind of person to hide this sort of thing; had he finally had enough of the alien subject? Curiosity itched her nose, she could not just leave it there! She needed to know why he was leaving!

She accessed the terminal comms link:

OM Isk: (<Calm>) OM Isk, speaking

AD Jess: I'm calling about your transfer application

OM Isk: (<Angry>) My application?! You're going through the Director’s files aren't you?

AD Jess: I am the Acting Director and-

OM Isk: (<Irritated>) Only for another two hours maybe. I was hoping you'd be too occupied with the Ragavan cargo to notice my application.

AD Jess: You've taken a contribution credit cut and a step down in station prestige!

OM Isk: (<Annoyed>) Your point?

AD Jess: Why are you jeopardizing your career like that?! You're worth way more than a middle management position!

OM Isk: (<Annoyed>) I don't owe you an explanation at all Jess that is for me and Laandi to discuss.

AD Jess: But you are giving up the chance of a dynasty! I know the subject is dangerous but you could be running a corporate station after all this-

OM Isk: (<Incredulous>)You know it's dangerous? I don't think you truly understand how dangerous that alien is.

AD Jess: Of all people I would understand. She jitterjacked Duuarn and destroyed his drive!

OM Isk: (<Exasperated>)Any military personnel can jitterjack a citizen you half trained, vat sprog!

AD Jess: But, her Freq power was why she was put in quarantine-

OM Isk: (<Exasperated>) Akira has never wept so hard! It's not just the Freq strength it's everything that she is!

OM Isk: (<Frustrated>)Subject Jasmine was found aboard a Rajavan ship. In a stealthed stasis pod no less! Why were the stasis pods stealthed? What use do the Rajava have for stealthed stasis pods? They’ve never needed pods before! They break down all living matter that isn’t their own DNA sequence, She should be protein paste!
But she has serial numbers embedded on the side of her head, so they clearly processed her. The number sequence doesn’t match any known serial code on either side of the painful dynasty, so either the Rajavan have made a new sequencing code, going against nearly a millennium of their own ‘perfected’ systems or because all the numbers were ‘zero’ she’s a prototype of some sort.
I don’t want to be anywhere near a RAJAVAN PROTOTYPE.(<Furious/Scared>)
And even if, somehow, they had been reduced to simply overwriting an already formed creatures organic functions, why did they leave her cognitive faculties intact?? She defies everything we know and understand about the Rajava and that’s before we start going through her own species particular penchant for random, military grade Freq blasts!!

AD Jess: ...

OM Isk: (<Contempt>) Subject Jasmine is dangerous because we know and understand nothing. She shouldn't exist in the first place! And If the Rajava decide they want their experiment back, I have no doubt they will come in force. My life is too short and I want nothing to do with any of this. If you have the power Jess, authorise my transfer, and if your brain is as large as it should be, you will do the same.

Link Terminated

Jess sat back on the stool at the terminal blinking in devastating silence. All this time she had never even considered the unanswerable questions to be dangerous. They were simply obstacles to overcome, puzzles to be solved. Lessons had always emphasized that the most logical answer was usually the correct one, but there were no logical answers where the human was concerned; either in her origins or how she acted.

In her time as director she had accomplished nothing but alienating herself from her peers and angering the military superior. Was she really the one to unlock the human puzzle?


The longer she stayed in proximity the higher the chances she would be stiffed, so she just brought up Isk's application and approved his request with the last of her authority before sending in a request of her own.

Transfer request for Esaander asset [270:3312:402] Kyda Jess. Uleesia station to *no preference stated*

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