Original Content The Gods Came Down - An Alien Poem

The Gods Came Down

The Gods came down, from the skies
They smiled at us in perfect guise
They touched our hearts with fireflies
And then they took our world

The Gods came down, from above
They claimed to champion life and love
They healed our sick as proof thereof
And then they took our world

The Gods arrived, from other stars
They spake of homes named "Earth" and "Mars"
Their warhost devoured what was ours
And then they took our world

The Gods set foot upon our shore
They’ve done this many times before
They claim each conquest to abhor
And yet they took our world

This is a poem about the sudden Terran appropriation of his world, composed by an alien poet shortly before his entire species' forced relocation. It was Terranized into baseline human English by frontline Terran volunteer James Andervol, who heard the original poet recite it quietly as he was prepared for final transport to the high-speed planetary evacuation ship Fly Swiftly From Danger. The lines of this poem were the last words this poet ever spoke upon his homeworld.