Story Thread Awaiting Approval?

I posted an OC story thread at the end of December, and initially it was viewable, but now it isn't, and there's a note at the bottom saying "Awaiting approval before being displayed publicly."

I did just edit and replace the content of the thread with an updated version of the post, since I made a couple significant polishing passes with the story since originally posting it. Is this why it's pending approval?
This happened to me yesterday when I added navigation links to Chapter 1 of a series for which I'd just posted Chapter 2. For anyone else encountering this issue, the explanation is that automatic spam filtering may have over-aggressively flagged the edit as spam.

Your best bet is to contact ctwelve or another admin and provide them with a direct link to the flagged item so they can manually approve it. You might not be able to see the flagged item in your "My Content" section, but as long as you can find the original link anywhere that should be sufficient. ctwelve took care of the issue for me within about half an hour (thanks ctwelve! you rock!), although your mileage may vary depending on the availability of admin staff. If applicable, make sure to check for "pending approval" messages on past posts before announcing the new post(s) on reddit or elsewhere. Otherwise, your readers my find themselves looking at Chapter 2 with no way to get to Chapter 1 and that may hurt their reading experience.


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I have a moderator queue, and the system doesn’t actually delete threads right away; they’re tombstones until system maintenance. I may be able to recover things.
Got busy with work and never got around to checking back in.

I figured it was probably a spam filter thing, and it got fixed fairly quickly. I'll keep this in mind for the future. Thanks for the replies, guys!