Oh no! My condolences on the backlog loss, writing stuff you've already written is the worst, cause you're never sure if that's what it was. :(
As for the tying of threads, I'm sure you'll be fine :D and I can assure you, there is nothing more satisfying than getting to write the pay off for something you've hinted at for your readers for chapters.

I'm hoping to post back here in April, I was going to start in March but then I realised how busy I was going to be and decided to give myself a LOT of breathing room. on the plus side, it means that I'll have about 7-8 extra chapters written by the time I come back.



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This is amazing... although I broke someone's spine instead. Oh and that other guy... Anyways, the shower thoughts is also incredibly accurate, isn't it? It's great for getting things flowing.

As for the loss of my backlog, I just havent kept ahead of the writing! I'm going to have to change my schedule sooner rather than later. I'm happy to hear for you getting your breathing room, it really helps.