Original Content Quick Challenge

Sitting atop a throne of gaudy jewels and precious metals the alien overlord of sector D7-56 regarded the creature in front if him. It stood meekly and quivering, clearly terrified of his magnificence. The ape vocalised repeatedly but there was as yet no translator matrix available for this new find.

A while of silent review from the overlord passed while the beast chittered and struggled against its restraints.

"Has the translator finished yet?" he asked one of the Lords near him.

"Not yet sir but we are getting some words. They must be wrong though"

Intrigued and with a twitch of his antenna the overlord commanded a synthesised voice to replace the squirming creature's squarks.

"Just you.... Wait till I get out of this.... Chair. You slimey.... Ant looking mother...."

"Like I said sir, there are words missing and the tone doesn't match the prisoner's demeanour. It sounds angry instead of scared"

With a perplexed expression the overlord regarded the creature closely, leaning down to just a metre from its tiny face. An uncomfortably aggressive proximity for the large aliens.

"YOU. ARE. NOW. MINE" his booming voice made the Lords shudder but the creature didn't seem to notice. It just twitched slightly as the loud clicks washed over it.

"What the.... Was that you.... .... I WILL....."

The wall of sound emitted from the tied beast could only be described as a weapon of war. The overlord slammed down on his chair and covered his ears as some of the Lords fled the imperial chamber in horror. The creature before them had released such a sound that it had overloaded the translator's microphone. It's ruined audio pickup, now only able to detect rough sounds, tried to carry on translating once the echo subsided. What came out if the speaker next was a chilling robotic voice speckled with distortion but worst of all, it was totally calm. Utterly devoid of any emotion.

"You've had it now you weak insect looking tools." A loud ripping sound replaced everything else as the monster stood out of the chair, tearing the restraints and sprinting at the overlord.

Written on mobile with no plan in mind while on my way to work.