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How should ongoing stories be posted?

  • One chapter/entry per post

    Votes: 11 73.3%
  • The entire story in one post

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The Lore-Seeker
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I'll admit, the thing some other forums do where a given story's chapters are all in one post seems weird to me. How would we feel if every chapter was its own post? I've seen that in other forums and it seems to work much better.
I suppose it ultimately doesn't matter much to me, but I'm slightly in favor of one post per story. (all chapters in one thread)
one post per story might keep the topic list a bit cleaner (E.G. if you go to the top of all time on /r/hfy, you have to scroll through every chapter of Chrysalis before you can see the other top rated stories)
In both cases, it's the same amount of work to link to the next chapter in the series (link to the next topic Vs link to the next comment), but some people don't link to further chapters, so having one post per story will at least let people scroll through to see if any further chapters exist.
I saw a suggestion to add threadmarkers like the SpaceBattles forums has, if that's on the eventual feature list than sticking with one post per story might be best, as people can go back and retroactively add the appropriate threadmarkers if all the chapters are in the same thread.
Can I ask what the point of having a forum is if you don't post every chapter in the same thread, instead of just using Reddit? It just seems rather pointless in my opinion. Reddit already provides that functionality and has a lot more people on it.

When I first saw the forum, I though "Great, I don't have to remember where I got up to on B&S". Except, it turns out, I do, because each and every chapter is in its own thread. How am I supposed to receive updates when a story I like has updated? With all the posts in one thread, you just watch the thread. There is no way to watch a story spread over multiple threads. You can watch forums and users, but I don't necessarily want to read everything. There are plenty of stories I've not read, or started to read but lost interest, or one like one story from a user and not another.

One thing I've found when reading a story on reddit is that I don't tend to read unfinished stories, simply because I'll forget where I have gotten to and never go back to them. I read lots of the finished stories, simply because I knew I didn't have that problem.

In comparison, I read a hell of a lot of Worm fanfic on spacebattles. And I mean a lot. I check my watched threads often, and read the stories I want to. I read new ones, watch the thread, then check back when there updates, sometimes months or years later. Sometimes stories fall out of favour for a while. Sometimes I pick up old stories that I stopped reading months or years ago and reread them.

What you are doing is treating this like another reddit, which is, frankly, completely horrible for ongoing online fiction. There is no way to get notifications about the latest update of a story. You instead rely on the reader checking back regularly and remembering where they got up to. For a casual reader, this is not going to happen. Xenforo, meanwhile, has the option to send emails on thread update, and just in the notifications/unread watched threads.

Incidentally, Threadmarks Pro for Xenforo 2.0 just got released Here. Looks like it was released in the last week. Costs $40 with support for 12 months, and $25 a year after that. Xon has said there is a free version in the works here. But that might be a while.

Sorry for the long moan. Its just I rather hate the whole reddit style one story post per thread. Doesn't fit with my "read lots of different stories at varying speed".


The Lore-Seeker
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We've been waiting for Threadmark to become available to make it an option, being honest, but we're still debating which style is "best." A lot of us prefer a thread per chapter.


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I would like to fold it all into one thread for coherence. Since I link back to reddit that remains the primary vehicle for conversation. This is what reddit is really good for after all. This means that my threads here on Arkmuse generally only see 'likes' for interaction, keeping any of my posts clean of 'intervening' posts. If we got threadmarks I'd happily spend a weekend cleaning my stories into single contained threads.