Classic Pity the fools

This story was posted by an anonymous author over at 4chan's /tg/ board on 02-03-10.

[HFY Thread]


"You see our enemy over there men? I pity them.

Our foes are outnumber us three to one. They have spent more of time training than you've been alive. They're fast and they're mean, and by the end of the day today every single one of them will be dead.

You see men, our opponents are probably the strongest and most agile creatures in the known galaxy, but they are no soldiers. They live in harmony with their planet's ecosystem. There is no pollution, no wars, no disaster and no famine. This bond between them and their planet has formed them into mighty creatures. They believe mankind is impure and our philosophies are completely monstrous. They believe that, with the power of their natural prowess and their spirituality, they can wipe humanity from existence.

They are dead wrong.

While they have been sitting around eating food that virtually fell into their laps, we have been stabbing our best friends in the back for a scrap of bread.

While they have been singing tales of the harmony and magic of nature, we have watched our children wither away to husks from a bloody plague.

While they have sat sunning their wretched furry hides in open calm meadows, we have clung desperately to survival in frozen tundras and barren deserts.

Our suffering has become our strength. Despite the best attempts of nature, God and even our fellow man, humanity stands strong.
Humanity can endure anything, a fact that those sorry fools don't understand.

Let us enlighten our foes to the unyielding spirit of mankind. Within all of your veins flow the blood of generals, soldiers and murderers.
Shred their bodies with a storm of lead!
Tear their organs out with your bayonets!
Crush their skulls underneath your iron boots!