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    Votes: 6 66.7%
  • Firth

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Adam

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  • Yan

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@Kralizec and I were chit-chatting in the IRC, and this happened. We regret nothing.

<ctwelve> you did see Emilee's pic of Daar, right?

<Kralizec> yar

<ctwelve> there's no level of smug that can top Daar in a Hawaiian shirt

<Kralizec> I dunno

<ctwelve> "Whatchu gonna do about it, Mr. President?"

<Kralizec> LOL
I dunno tho, I feel like Firth outlifting horse is gonna be up there

<ctwelve> Assuming it ever happens

<Kralizec> alsoalso y'all should totally have Daar visit Earth in a Hawaiian shirt

<ctwelve> he might just be happy being a more nimble killer
Oh, he will
next time


<ctwelve> instead of his reflective shirt
it'll be a Hawaiian shirt
and no pants
because reasons

<Kralizec> Of course

<ctwelve> Freeballin' it all Tanuki-style at a White House dinner
"Yeah. Don't act like you ain't impressed."

<Kralizec> Truly, an unsurpassed statesman

<ctwelve> Daar's approach to statecraft is Trump-like, but much friendlier
he's /all about/ trolling-gaslighting his friends and enemies

<Kralizec> "The Hunters aren't sending their best! Sad!"

<ctwelve> HAHA
I feel like the need to share this in ArkMuse

<Kralizec> do et
Having seen Deadpool, all I can think of is that scene where he isn't wearing pants while in Blind Al's house. Of all the scenes, I think that was funniest.