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Date: 217th day, 7824FPE (Founding of the Platinum Empire)

2nd tier Inspector Mlixt Austux of the 4th platinum fleet.

Damage report on the Galactic Arm edge patrol Cruiser, 'Silver Reach’ and the emergence of a new Sheoshay weapon.​

Events as understood:

On the 193rd day of the stated year, the Cruiser Silver Reach arrived at the border hub station, The Bronze Palisade. Upon arrival the surviving sub captain issued an immediate alert on the existence of a previously unknown Sheoshay super soldier to Central command.

This super soldier possessed capabilities similar to a fully augmented and generator supported combat avatar. Reviews of what recordings survived allowed me to witness the following capabilities. Tier four telekinesis, tier three physical nullification, tier three spatial awareness, telewelding, tier three life sense, generator tapping and the common suite of Sheoshay civilian capabilities. [Auto note, simplified tier explanations appended to document end.]

I must note that a combat avatar could quite easily display an identical range of powers in this situation. An important consideration when the capabilities of an Avatar are notably higher. While this Sheoshay individual acts in a manner that suggests poor training, we don't have the records to prove what limits this individual is working within. More alarming is the apparent lack of support apparatus. The Sheoshay female was effectively naked.

Another note of importance was the discovery of a previously unknown race seemingly in the early stages of FTL development. The new race is seen to have impressive mental defenses displaying at least a tier 4 mental block and a tier 3 presence block. Three individuals were found with identical defenses suggesting the feature may be at least partially genetic. This would explain why the new race was completely unknown.

As incredible as it may seem, I am led to believe those blocks to be autonomous of the creatures control. The captured ship of these Sapients had absolutely no defense against or conditions for mental manipulation. Simple mechanisms opened with no effort whatsoever. The operating system however seems to have been far more complex than any organic mind would normally be able to touch. While a proper research group would be required to say for certain, the preliminary study yielded absolutely no mental access points. Indeed, if the Sapients have a powerful shield they cannot disable, they are likely to have a wide range of unique technologies.

I shall attempt to outline events as they occurred with a following prediction of what I believe to be the reasons for the events. Please not that without further corroboration I cannot say for certain if my predictions are fully accurate.

On the 167th day of 7824 the Silver Grasp was nearing the end of its watch at the edge of the Ruptured Pocket. On this day they discovered the alien craft. The usual warnings were sent, to which the unknown craft replied with an unknown language. It was first assumed the ship was on a form of autopilot as no individuals could be detected on passive or active mental passes. Three individuals would be discovered by physical search in short order.

Optional Audio Clip:

“This is the QTS Enterprise of the United Federation of Earth-”

The creatures were quite vocal for several days but we were unable to come to an understanding of their language with their defensive barrier proving impervious to available means of penetration. Without a better name I will further refer to them as 'Qutee’ or 'Qutees’ as plural.

The three Qutee prisoners were separated as per protocol and kept completely isolated for the period of their stay. Repeated attempts at overcoming the barriers continued to meet with failure with the personnel aboard the Silver Reach. It was also noted that great focused concentration was needed to even detect a Qutee seated directly across from the ship sensor operator. It was based on the use of these available resources that I have designated their mental block as at least tier four and their presence block as tier three.

On the 185th day, the Sheoshay ship, designated ‘Zeonescense’ was discovered on a circuitous route back to its home space. The ship was subdued in short order, any psions of note were disposed as per operating procedures. Only the captain and a selection of usable crew was left alive for later processing. The individual of note was not seen to have anything unusual about her at this time. What means she used to disguise her capabilities are currently unknown and with nothing but vague conjecture to go on I have no viable assumptions or suggestions at this time.

For this matter the only piece of information worth noting is that upon escape the female made a straight line through walls and bulkheads directly for one of the Qutee prisoners. The Captain of the Silver Grasp came to the same conclusion and attempted to dispose of that same prisoner. Even with the tap harness and the support of the ship generator the Sheoshay female eliminated the captain with ease. From this we can surmise she sacrificed her cover for the sake of the Qutee prisoners. The fact that she detected the prisoner at all is what leads to the assumption of her having tier three life sense.

In terms of timeline, on the 186th day, approximately 7 hours in, the female first ripped the wall of her cell open. She then progressed through the ship without deviating from her initial path except when potential damage would compromise the vessel to her own detriment.

She moved through the ship while weathering attacks from on board security, deflecting all attacks (tier three physical nullification), and promptly defeating all who stepped within line of sight of her body (tier three spatial awareness).

Shortly before finding the first Qutee prisoner an escaped companion was injured and another killed. It was at this point that ship personnel realized she was tapping the ships psion generator for additional power. Efforts to wrest control of the generator would be ongoing and unsuccessful for the duration of the event. That is not to say the crew wouldn't have succeeded given more time. Her grip appears to have loosened as the altercation progressed and at several points she was within ergs of losing access. I believe this is the factor that convinced her to choose escape over the total destruction of Silver Grasp.

Shortly after the injury of her companions she found the captain of the Silver Grasp attempting to dispose of the Qutee, but he failed in the effort. While I could outline the next sliver of time, suffice it to say she destroyed any resistance she encountered and freed any remaining prisoners. A full point by point recording can be found in the appendix of this report. The only change in the progression of events was discovering the Sheoshay captain leading to a more efficient destruction of utilities.

They then located the small Qutee vessel, repaired the initial entry hole (telewelding) and removed the support gantry. Finally she spiked the psion generator and blew open the small cargo bay doors in one single burst (tier four telekinesis).

From there the shuttle escaped in the direction of Sheoshay space.

With the threat gone the Silver Grasp did minimum viable repairs in order to reach the closest military outpost.


On the Qutees: Immediate probing of the ruptured pocket is highly suggested. While the historical self destruction of the little remembered Flodotion Empire was believed to have wiped the region clean, I must question whether a race like these Qutees with such apparent innate defenses would even have been aware of the event, let alone remember it. They will have weathered the event with little trouble. On the other hand, the quality of the FTL jump does still suggest a low tech level or at least a recently evolved race. If these Qutees were a little closer to amphibious one might assume they were offshoots of the Flodotions themselves, but available records suggest otherwise. Nevertheless I suggest placing the finding of this new race among our highest priorities.

On the Star Ember Hive: While the Sheoshay people have been a middling, low threat race for some time it is now clear they are a more dangerous than realized. If there is one powerful individual such as this, there must be more. As the conquest of the Mersten Collective is winding down it might be worth considering the Sheoshay to have put themselves next in line for our undivided attention. The suppressive actions we have been taking thus far may only have served to force a more rapid development.

As the sub captain had the wisdom and forethought to report directly to command on these events with all haste while keeping her crew isolated to prevent the spread of rumours I have submitted a recommendation for promotion rather than her removal. Her understanding of the proper chain of command is commendable.


Mental file 1.) (Recording of the Sheoshayan prisoner and her retrieval of all fellow prisoners.)

Mental file 2.) (Costs of damage, listing of damaged and destroyed modules, expected time until repairs complete)

Mental file 3.) (Noted relevant Psionic skills and known tier values) (file currently loaded)

As always, Tiers represent orders of magnitude. As always, individuals skew towards different aspects of any particular ability, making ranges sometimes difficult to narrow down. Tiers can be reached through the achieving of any single one of the listed aspects although they are often listed with qualifiers.

Abilities wherein psion generators are powerful multipliers are specifically noted. Tiers between different abilities are not energy equivalent.

Cases where an extremely minimal amount of capability is still viable can sometimes call for a zero tier.

Telekinesis - The movement of mass via mental concentration and expended energy. Variations in ability are reflected in how fast an object can be moved, how quickly an object can obtain that speed, how capable the user is of stopping an object and finally the sheer mass that can be moved. Highly dependant on psion generators.

Tier 1 - The ability to slowly move and manipulate hand held objects.
Tier 2 - The ability to move and manipulate heavy objects. Can move small objects at sufficient velocity to injure.
Tier 3 - The ability to quickly move heavy objects or small objects at very high velocity. Can condense air and use it as a projectile. Considered Military grade.
Tier 4 - The ability to rend material that would normally be considered engineered to prevent harm such as alloys, ceramics and polymers.
Tier 5 - The movement or pulverization of large constructions of notable mass and durability. Necessary for ship combat.
Tier 6 - Cannot be used without dedicated psion generator support. Necessary for FTL travel.

Nullification, Blocking - The ability to stop another ability. Nullification is the active application while Blocking is a constantly maintained condition. A common example being physical nullification, an offshoot of Telekinesis. As a defensive component of the ability, it is often very worth mentioning in tandem with the primary ability. It is not uncommon to see blocking as a singular entry with no active counterpoint entry as blocking is often used in an automatic manner to prevent the issue of vulnerability to surprise at the cost of active use of related abilities. As this is the most variable aspect, it is much more common to see nullification and blocking in an entirely different tier set. Tiers in these cases are approximate to base ability tiers.

Spatial awareness - additional awareness of an area, comparable to improved genetic senses such as sight, hearing and smell. But not always. Variations are of course which particular senses the ability applies to and the potential to sense through obstructions. High end awareness is required for FTL travel, although never done without dedicated calculation support. Specialized senses often warrant a different classification, although the tiers remain roughly the same. ‘Life Sense’ as a common example is the ability to detect the living through uncertain means, usually worth noting when the ability can defeat obstructions.

Tier 0 - Normally negligable ability. A tier 0 sense of sight may allow someone to ‘see’ an object placed somewhere on their body normally out of sight, so while it is functionally useless, that does not remove the ability from consideration.
Tier 1 - Notable improvement in ability range.
Tier 2 - Notable improvement in ability range and resolution of details.
Tier 3 - Sensory ability is approaching the edge of common genetic limits. Very limited ability to sense through some materials.
Tier 4 - Common materials are easily defeated and the range or resolution of the sense is extremely advanced.
Tier 5 - Defeats most defenses, range is functionally unpredictable, resolution is extremely high.

Telewelding - The ability to join or rejoin materials.

Tier 0 - It is possible to join or encourage materials to join that would normally be incredibly brittle or weak materials in the first place. The ancient example of wetting paper to make it easier to join remains an appropriate example.
Tier 1 - Can cause hard materials to partially fuse. Connections are brittle, only good for infrequent civilian use.
Tier 2 - Good for handheld tool use and some hard materials. Generally fine for common civilian use and some commercial work. Extended work can yield industrial or military grade objects, but the time cost is notable.
Tier 3 - Can meld difficult materials, although still on a personal scale. One must be at this tier to consider the making of interpersonal weapons and armor on a reasonable time scale. Can meld common materials at a high rate, allowing for civilian and commercial construction work.
Tier 4 - Can meld difficult materials at scale. Appropriate for high end industrial or military work. Appropriate for high density and unstable materials.
Tier 5 - Ship grade manipulation, Extremely rare. Long thought impossible, although the past existence of key individuals required the creation of this tier. With calculation and psion generator support as well as available materials, individuals have been known to build starships from the core to completion.

Tapping - While not existing in strictly tier form, there is notable variation of what an individual can access in terms of gained skill. Most psions of capability worth mentioning can tap into appropriate enhances such as power generators, calculators and automatic tools.

Mental file 4.) (Known capabilities of involved xeno races) (file currently loaded)

Sheoshay civilian capabilities:

These insectoids are known to commonly possess basic Telewelding, Tier one and two telekinesis, and tier 2 telepathy with a unique talent for temporary personality blending. Individuals can and will submit themselves to a hive combination when necessary. While combinations such as this are very useful for raising the overall potential work that can be done by a group, there are functional limits without the use of psion generators or calculators. The primary purpose of the hive share is in obtaining hive typical coordination while not sacrificing the advantages of having singular entities.

Unknown race, designation ‘Qutee’ theorized capabilities:

Mammalian race with suggested high grade strength and endurance. No active psionic capabilities noted and none likely to manifest. Witnessed individuals had identical tier 4 telepathic blocking and tier 3 life sense blocking. Observation of sleep cycles yielded absolutely no change in this status indicating the blocks to be autonomous. With such abilities this race is uniquely suited to espionage activities.

End File


Warmind Nerkerator released the imprint crystal from between his thumb and finger to float in its little pedestal upon his desk.

A short pulse awakened the female thrall Kotryan standing off to one side and the small creature came to life, immediately moving to the bar in the far corner of the room. While Nerkerator waited for the much smaller, arguably normal member of his race to prepare the stimulant, Nerkerator pondered his next actions.

Even if this new Sheoshay psion soldier variant wasn’t as strong as an avatar, it was an important consideration that they had done so much damage without supporting gear or apparent genetic modification.

The new… friend of the Sheoshay was also a natural stealth mind, avoiding notice and defending itself frommental attack without effort. In terms of military opposition they were unlikely to be trouble without supporting psionics for telekinesis or just about any other material manipulation. The Kotry had yet to be so much as slowed down by opponents with poor physical or elemental manipulation. Crushing this opponent would simply be a matter of finding it. Mind blocking was powerful, but only utmost skill allowed a psion to use other non personal abilities at the same time after all. The problem would be in preventing these Qutees from getting into places that compromised Kotryan security.

His thrall ambled over to Nerkator’s desk and placed the steaming cup of lift down without a whisper of noise. She then returned to her point next to the entry door, closing her eyes and letting her mind shut down.

It was unfortunate that they had lost so much time due to travel time, but the inspector was required to inspect the ship in person, there was simply nothing to be done for that. Nerkerator did however agree with the suggestions within the report.

He settled his massive frame into the heavy seat, his head coming to rest underneath the focus array. The system responded to the mental imprints, allowing Nerkerator to tap into his personal generator and calculator.

FTL travelled had allowed Star Ember and it’s Sheoshayan people the time to prepare. It was time to begin the advance.

The flexible hive mind of the insectoids made them stronger than appearances might first suggest, enough to give Nerkerator a moments pause to ensure the Kotry were prepared. Still, against the focused might of the Platinum Empire and Nerkerator’s own golden mind, no opponent could hold their ground.

Those petty bonds wouldn’t save them from his reach.

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