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The Deathworlder

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his chapter clocks in at a hefty 50,587 words. It's been a long time since the last novel-length chapter! Feels good :D

In this chapter:

Hephaestus have to face the music and the wrath of governments over their missing nuke, all while desperately searching for the thief before it's too late. Meanwhile, Regaari drops onto the occupied Domain planet of Rvzrk on a mission of both fact-finding and personal redemption.

Elsewhere, however, things are peaceful. But even peace is not without its burdens... or its conflicts.



First of all, welcome! The Deathworlders has been in production now for more than three years, and is now ~~more than a million words~~ very, very long indeed!

While I hope that the story stands well enough on its own, the setting (Also known as “The JVerse”) has often been a collaborative effort, building on the talented work of other writers who have breathed life and detail into its every corner.

Characters, species and concepts have entered this narrative thanks to those other writers, and while I have made every effort to keep the story coherent and readable without requiring you to read those other works…

…Read them. Seriously. Not only are they awesome, but you will gain a much richer understanding of the events unfolding in this story.

In particular, you will want to read:

* “Humans Don’t Make Good Pets” by guidosbestfriend
* “Salvage” by Rantarian
* “The Xiù Chang Saga” by hume_reddit
* “Good Training” by ctwelve
* and "The Waters of Babylon" by slice_of_pi

They are best read in the Reading Order curated by galrock0 and fourbags or, if you prefer the abridged version which contains only those items most useful to understanding The Deathworlders, you can instead follow the Essential Reading Order


(Beware Spoilers)

In the standard classification system used by those interstellar civilizations which are members of the Interspecies Dominion, a habitability rating of 10 or higher indicates that a planet is a so-called “deathworld”---lethally inimical to most forms of life, and populated by the strongest, toughest, fastest and deadliest forms of life in the galaxy.

For most of their history, the native sophonts of the planet Earth were unaware of their own planet’s habitability rating: A high-end twelve.

This fact only became known to humanity after a force of the feared and reviled entities known as “Hunters” attempted to raid Earth to take slaves for their meat. In the aftermath of the attack, the Rogers Arena in Vancouver was closed for a month while alien blood was meticulously cleaned off the ice and taken away for study.

The Interspecies Dominion responded by quarantining Sol and all its planets behind an impenetrable forcefield.

In the thirteen years since this historic event, Mankind have slipped their cage and begun their tortuous journey toward becoming an interstellar power. The colony of Cimbrean represents humanity’s first strong foothold in a hostile galaxy, protected by a stolen duplicate of the same forcefield that quarantines Earth.

There have been ups and downs: A young Canadian woman, abducted by the grey-skinned “Corti” as a zoological research specimen, instead rescued and was befriended by a contingent of colonists from a mammalian species known as the Gao, and from this solid start a firm friendship has flourished between the two species.

But the galaxy is a corrupt place, ruled for countless millennia by the agents of a species known as the Igraens. This “Hierarchy” has one overarching mission above all others---to suppress the evolution of sapient deathworld life-forms. To that end, they have rendered untold thousands of species extinct, and their efforts at containing the situation on Earth have led to the destruction of the city of San Diego.

But in that act, they reached too far. It is now impossible for those alien leaders who are not already under their influence to ignore the signs that something sinister is at work. The Humans and Gaoians have formed an elite force---the SOR, comprised of the hardy JETS and the pinnacle HEAT---whose spaceborne capability are unmatched by anyone, anywhere.

Mankind have barely set foot on the galactic stage before finding themselves embroiled in a deadly fight for survival...but when it comes to survival, there is nothing in the galaxy that matches a Deathworlder.



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Sixty-four Deathworlders:

Graham Lynk Austin Deschner Brian Berland Aaron Hescox Adam Beeman Adam Shields Alex Hargott Andrew Ford Andrew Robinson Arnor atp Bartosz Borkowski Ben Thrussell Bruce Ludington Buck Caldwell C'tri Goudie Cadwah Chris Bausch Chris Candreva damnusername Daniel R. Dar Darryl Knight David Jamison Devin Rousso Doules1071HFY Elizabeth Schartok Eric Johansson Fiona Dunlop galrock0 Gavin Smart Gygax Fan Ignate Flare Jim Hamrick Jon Kristoffer Skarra Krit Barb Laga Mahesa lovot Matt Matt Demm Matthew Cook Mel B. Mikee Elliott Morgan Barnes Myke Harryson Nicholas Enyeart Nick Annunziata NightKhaos Oliver Mernagh Patrick Huizinga Peter Bellaby Richard A Anstett Ryan Cadiz Saph Sintanan SourMonkey Starky Stephane Girardin Sun Rendered theWorst Tyler Kelloway Woodsie13 Zachary M Lunstrum

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