Original Content Foster Failure

Right. So twelve years ago an animal rescue I foster for was called in by the family when their grandmother passed. They discovered she was a serious hoarder, the stasis walls held hundreds if not thousands of odd and exotic animals. It seems her husbands and then sons had travelled extensively and evidently always brought back her favorite souvenirs. Many were in deplorable condition and the Police wish to speak to any veterinarian who treated these poor creatures.

Due to my experience I was given one of the more exotic creatures. The poor thing had been declawed on all four limbs and the older immunizations had resulted in severe damage. It even had mange! We determined she was mammalian, very omnivorous, had pathetic eyesight, and did NOT like other animals. She was also terrified of people, especially children. The mange had caused permanent damage and she loved to snuggle down into her nest of blankets. We managed to get her weight up and she became cautiously affectionate. It took over a year before she settled enough to start exploring my apartment. When she started greeting me at the door chirping? Well, it’s official, I’m a foster failure.

Eventually my job became busier and more time consuming as I moved up, and as the agreement with the rescue dictated I could not leave Honey (her favorite treat) for any length of time, so she began to travel in my purse. She frequently sat on my desk, curled up on a stack of tablets or staring into the screen following the cursor. The rescue arranged a biosuit to keep her warm and to ensure hygiene requirements were met.

Last week was more exciting than we could have ever imagined. A new group of people were coming in to sign treaties and agreements - the translation programs were insanely complicated. They are amazing people, the size of one of our children, upright bipedal structures, with a widespread interest outside our territories.

My manager is fond of Honey and knows the arrangement I have, so she was in my bag when we entered the conference room. The negotiators for the Republic Monarchy arrived shortly thereafter and that’s when things went sideways. Honey started making the most appalling noises, which the room translators picked up and, she was TALKING!!! The head negotiator and his security team - I can still hardly believe it - they demanded to know how and why we had one of their people and required the immediate release of her.

So Honey, sorry ’Ahnn’ is now a member of both teams, plans to stay with us after the repairs are completed on her ‘hands’ and ‘feet’. It turns out the eyesight and height issues were due to the “immunization” nano injection which was a series abandoned nearly a century ago. And I still have a roommate, on the condition she never has to eat kibble again.