Foreign Warning World

This is an insight into the world where Foreign Warning takes place. I intend to flesh this out to provide a framework for me to build the rest of my novella and allow any other Arkmuse users to have a go at writing something in-universe if they would like to do so.

In the distant future humanity has progressed to a point where they no longer require a physical body and can exist as an organic brain within a specialised containment vessel. This unit can be transported and installed into all manner of different chassis providing people with the amazing possibilities or they can simply live their very long lives in cyber space.

Essentials - those who have shed as much of their physical form as possible - exist in almost perfect health as they only have one organ to car about (the brain) and it is protected by advanced machinery and medicine.

Earth's major powers enjoy the fruits of their technological advancement and have undergone massive population explosion which lead to orbital and lunar colonies as well as expansion to Venus, Mars, and several of the gas giants' moons. With the majority of the human population now existing almost exclusively in a virtual environment the race is seeing its most prosperous era ever.

However, humanity owes its rapid technological breakthroughs to the discovery of an alien monolith which dire warnings of a terrible race bent on hideous conquest of the galaxy. Because of this, the race ended all attempts to make alien contact and went to great lengths to police the Sol system's borders, ensuring no stray signal, person, or probe escapes to blow their cover.

The threat of war extinction at the hands of a vastly superior alien force spurred defensive technologies and produced technological marvels such as faster-than-light communication, jump-drive, and almost limitless energy sources keeping the force of humanity on a hair-trigger ready to respond to the inevitable horde.