Meta For every Hyoo-mahn life cut short, a world dies.

All right, young-lings. Please scroll to section 73 of your geography files and we'll begin today's lecture." Frux could hear the unvoiced groans in his students' minds, the near-universal response of bored young-lings exposed to the beginning of yet another two-hour lecture on Galactic Astrography and History. Their biology teacher had yet to cover his race's innate telepathic talents in their lessons, and until he did, Frux was glad to let the children think him omniscient.

"Now, I've received your informative requests and questions from last night. I'm glad to see at least some of you actively seeking information." If only they knew why the information they sought was banned and deleted from public libraries. But, it is the universal nature of youth to press against the boundaries set by their elders. "I see three requests here about segment 07597. After discussing with the Principal and board of education, I've decided it's time to let you access the encrypted archive and learn why 07597 is officially left blank on all government maps." Frux could feel, virtually TASTE the excitement that arched and rippled through the assembled minds of the young-lings before him. A half dozen races enrolled their children in this primary school, but all children feel the same thrill when exposed to the 'forbidden' and 'taboo' knowledge they feel adults hoard away from them.

"Now, class, who can tell me what the races of the Or'thantic and the Trell-Nalruush have in common?"

Frux waited a good three minutes as the class murmered and muttered, trying to determine what he was talking about. Finally, one intrepid youung Calek raised its third tentacle. "Sir... we've never heard of any of them. Do they live in 07597?"

"Close, little one. They used to. They're gone now. All gone. Extinct. This is one of the black secrets of galactic history, young-lings. We feel you're old enough to understand the importance of what I'm about to tell you. The galactic Senate has been around for several millennia. You all know this. Member races have joined and seceded, and the original founding races left this galaxy long ago to explore elsewhere. But We've only told you part of the history. We did not always have an open door policy. Long ago, about six of my people's generations ago, when I was but a young polyp myself, the Senate held strict rules for who and what they would accept as member worlds. One day, a new race was discovered. They evolved on the far side of the segment now designated 07597.