Meta Expressing Interest in a Casual Role Play Thread.

I just wanted to see if anyone wanted to start an old school RP thread with me.

It's an idea I've been meaning to throw out there for a while and wanted to see what the interest was like before I started thinking about characters or setting.
It would be super casual though, no need to write a novel for every post and because my own grammar is terrible I wouldn't be super strict on spelling.
The thread would be for fun and no major commitments, if you have an idea for setting/scenario/characters throw it into the comments below.

(P.S. Transcripts won't be coming back to Reddit/Arkmuse until April, March is jam packed with personal stuff like surgery and moving house, but on the plus side there will be heaps of chapters waiting for you :D)
Hmm, seems interesting, I'm not sure at this exact moment what setting might be best... although I've got a fantasy world I've been trying to put together...
What does it entail?
I'm up for Fantasy since HFY is mostly scifi, Fantasy will be a nice change of pace.
I'm happy to keep a more basic High Fantasy setting, I wouldn't want to push the task of homebrewing an entire world when I'm the one proposing the RP.

I suppose I should ask if you guys want to keep it in one place (one city/kingdom) or do the travelling band of adventurers?
Would you prefer a political leaning or more action orientated?
do you want to create your own home culture and are trying to find your way back to it? (gives us all the chance to world build if only a little)
do you want to start a revolution? or supress a rebellion?
and lastly, do you want to be able to make it into a novel later or are happy with this being a throwaway?

Found a basic character sheet too, :p

Full Name:

















Character Background:




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I wouldn't want to build something from scratch either.

The funny thing is I'm literally in the middle of homebrewing a high fantasy world to support a game system I brought to about 75% completion some time ago. So it has races, themes and a system of magic well built underneath it already. The core is essentially already there. The theme of the world was in treating the fantasy races a little bit like we treat our non Star Trek aliens. Each race should not be a resized human with a couple visual slider tweaks, they should be more their own thing.

An easy example is the Dwarf. I've made them in such a way to support their earth digging and crafting theme. Instead of hair or beards, the dwarves grow roots from their hair and chins. Depending on whether they live above or below ground, those roots will grow moss and mushrooms or leaves and perhaps flowers. While still short and stocky, they have an extra set of arms and all dwarves can naturally lock certain joints solid. They can make themselves literally immovable.

I like it, I'm proud of it, but that doesn't mean we have to use it. It's just an unused concept sitting on a drive that could bear to have someone live in it.

As for what writing and setting theme, I'm not sure at the moment. As a writer my strength seems to skew towards building action scenes, judging by feedback. I'm good at juggling viewpoints and the timing of the actors. I know your stuff is certainly full of emotion Squiggles. You can draw people in extremely well with the scenes that you craft.

Edit: On the off chance that whatever is written has potential, I've seen shared worlds become good novels. My understanding is that the huge book series 'Malazan Book of the Fallen' came about that way. I find that to be rather inspiring.
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Well if your able to share the file that has the building blocks id be happy to give it a read so better flesh out a character that fits within it.

I'm leaning towards a sort of underground resistance at the moment, something where dangers are in plain sight and you have to be wary of both friend and foe and it lets our characters plan and describe the city. If you're more comfortable with action scenes (something I'll admit I need more practice with) and I'm more comfortable with passionate emotion, then I'm thinking we go with a good old fashion noble house spat. Something that would put Montague Vs Capulet to shame, because we've got magic and not have to worry about star crossed lovers.

Again this is just an idea I'm having as I write this reply, but if the dwarves are so deep-rooted in nature (pun intended) I can only imagine how other races are closely tied to their own elemental heritage.

i think im rambling now so i'll wait your reply.


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Edit: To answer the story theme question: A city story might be fun... B&S actually boils down to a sort of ganster story when you look at how it functions. So I don't mind the idea of competing houses at all. And there is the intrinsic tension of what races are involved and what magic is involved, because the prime races are all aspected in a way.

The foundation of the whole thing is a long story draft, "The First Seekers" I'm keeping on Google drive. The central plot is the key races talking about the fragmented history of famous Humans. Gave me a chance to build somewhat 'stereotypical' individuals from each race of influence. I wasn't happy with the story, I felt I was trying to do too much in too small a space, but the core is there.

Magic tends to come in eight flavours and has matching elemental trees (literal trees) and races. Edit: Well, six flavours, and then raw magic and 'absence' of magic.

There is Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Light, Dark, Unsown, and Barren. The thematics of magic are as trees that grow roots and branches and then bear flowers or fruit. Each of the elements and the non element all have corresponding trees. The working files for that are also on Google Drive, I have a somewhat worked on "Seeking Lore" Folder. Every element has the given tree and the Primary races (almost, it's not all organized, a common theme for me).

I haven't developed a Pantheon, but I consider the gods of this world to be more elemental in nature as well. In my mind they aren't intrinsically evil or meddlesome, existing more as fundamentals of what they represent. For the most part. Occasionally they call individuals to the world in an attempt to steer the course of nature, which brings me to Humans.

The fundamental nature of Humans in this world was first built as an 'Isekai' or reborn theme, where a person's soul and fragments of their past self could rarely be reborn to a new life. That intro story I actually just started dividing into multiple stories, but working on B&S has really stalled out the work on that aspect of things. I did post "Seeking Glory" but that installment didn't do as well as other works I've put up on /HFY. There were going to be seven more stories as a match to a central elemental theme in the world... but I got busy!

I hesitate a bit to mention, but the gaming side of it is also Over Here, but that folder is a mess. I'd have to clean it up before I'd consider trying to run another campaign based on that. When I was able to get a tabletop game going it wasn't bad, but I'm unhappy with the skill system and the lack of supporting information.
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I guess I should note, if we did use that whole thing, I wouldn't consider it 'mine' anymore.

My pillars were the tropes of fantasy races should be fantastical, not slightly different Humans. And the trope of magic in the theme of growing plants. But the fine details were always subject to change for the sake of fun.
Opens and sees so many files to read.

Whoa, a little intimidating there! But it looks so we'll organised, I'll read through them and see what I come up with :D - might be a day or two though, currently drafting as well :)


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Opens and sees so many files to read.

Whoa, a little intimidating there! But it looks so we'll organised, I'll read through them and see what I come up with :D - might be a day or two though, currently drafting as well :)
And yet all I've got are some trees, a race or two for each element and the thematics of magic.

There is a bunch of stuff yeah, but the game files, which are so messy, don't really need to be read, and the initial "The First Seekers" sums things up well I think for what the prime races are like. I've only really invented a few places and I haven't even put them anywhere.

The important thing is that I wanted a big fantasy world with big fantasy tropes to play in.
Sorry I've been absent, this is why I said casual in the title. Personal life is crazy at the moment. But I read through the notes and it's awesome! I'd love to write in this universe!


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Sorry I've been absent, this is why I said casual in the title. Personal life is crazy at the moment. But I read through the notes and it's awesome! I'd love to write in this universe!
I'm thrilled that you like it! I've tried hard to vary them up. Some tropes were already quite different, so some aspects were easy. But others it became more interesting to keep them in theme but still somewhat unique.

As for being busy, I understand and that's fine. Casual works for me too since time beyond the primary work is limited for me too.

What I've written is also a bunch of starting points in a way, so if you see ways to tweak or create variants of what I've written, I'm all ears. I want to say this planet is larger than Earth as well, so there's plenty of room to add new creations! Conversation builds concepts up higher than I can do by myself after all. :)

Do you have an idea of what character(s) you'd like to play with?

Edit: Another thing, perhaps something like a discord server would be in order for ease of communication? It's pretty handy and the phone app for samsung works really well. Discord is almost convenient enough for me to consider writing little 'for-fun' stories on it.
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