Original Content Excerpts From the Biography of an Inventor: Prologue

Rubastax Akaso was born on 8th Feb, 4506 in the depths of Nova-Tokyo, a city gripped by the Yakuza. Though they were, well, the Yakuza, they and their subordinated gangs kept the city running, laundering funds into their own pockets mostly under wraps.

He was born into a small, albeit successful, biotech startup - simply named Akaso Industries. As quite a few others, he dropped out of school after he was no longer legally required to attend, continuing his education at home.

Victor, his father, inadvertently drilled biotech into his son through exposure and interest, as body modification was picking up in popularity in the undercities at the time. He funneled all available funds towards improving products and furthering the development of his magnum opus, a possible solution to the drawbacks of classical body modification.

From the moment Akaso showed interest in the field, Victor pushed his son to learn, and Akaso did so with gusto - the art of body modification was as deep as it was wide, and even niche businesses had plenty of customers. Despite the more than one and a half millennia since the Breaker of Dawn first made planetfall and the colonization of Novahome began, the Novahuman civilization had only established a complete grasp upon their home a few centuries prior.

This, combined with the innumerable lost technologies and still unexplored areas slowed expansion to a crawl for most of the first millennium. Body modification had only started picking up in popularity in the last century, with many of the original survivors of the Exodus dominating the field. This was thanks to their memories of the journey and ingrained understanding of the arcane, and for centuries, impossible to reproduce Bioforges.

Early on, he experimented with temporary mods as many other young Novahumans do, however by age sixteen he had already gotten his first permanent modifications.

His delve into the depths of the art was spurred on by a simple accident - during his third major bodily reconstruction procedure, a hydraulic piston on the patient's new, extremely powerful arms had burst, the hydraulic fluid rupturing Akaso's right eye before he could get out of the way.

It was more the surprise that shocked him than the pain, and even that faded into a dull, thumping sensation once his pain suppression implants kicked in.

Victor finished the procedure, while Akaso pulled out the remains of his ruined eyeball using the same tools they used for ocular replacement. This sterilized and temporarily sealed the wound with a bioproof polymer, while Akaso rigged up an impromptu replacement using one of the notoriously short-lived “plug-and-play” implant modules that so many hobbyists used to experiment before committing to a more expensive build.

Later the same month, he used the unencoded “Early Access” code from a seasonal demon-themed modification pack, which was distributed to supporters with the appropriate credentials under its in-development name “Lucifier”. It was distributed in a masculine and female variant, as it included changes to bodily morphology to resemble an idealized version of either gender, with sexually dimorphic traits emphasized to a certain minimum. Thus it was classified as a “gender modifier”, among many other, much cheaper alternatives.

This was its least important effect, however - if one wanted a gender change, they could spent a tenth of the supposed selling price for the same effect. The primary function of Lucifier was, well, its name. It could be configured to give the user anywhere from one to three pairs of horns, reshape their ears to be pointed, anywhere from gremlin-like and stubby, to elfish and thin.

The other options included change of eye colour, hair colour, blackening of the sclera, alteration of pupil shape, increased muscle tone, and genital modification to what the creators deemed to be “inspired by the mythical succubi and incubi of the Old World”.

All of these configurations had a range of options within what the creators deemed to be demonic, and due to the modpack devkit's lack of major encoding it could be modified easily.

As such, Akaso decided it would be a good idea to reconfigure the whole thing to grow a new eye, instead of bothering with submitting a user modification to one of the official eye mods and waiting for approval.

A few dozen hours at the Bioforge,a few half-grown eyes thrown in the recycler, and it was finished. A simple epipen injection totaling about three deciliters of hormones, viral vectors, raw material, and innumerable chemicals that would positively decimate a normal human body, and his empty eye socket was itching like crazy for the few seconds it took the sensation-suppressants to take effect.

It worked, as expected - with some side effects. A forgotten detail, a rookie mistake. He didn't bother shunting all the remaining code and assumed modifying the 'mod would cause an error and simply make the Bioforge only synthesize the eye-regrowth mixture.

Oh, how beautifully wrong the young Novahuman was.

By the time he realized what was happening, it was far too late to stop the process - he'd built his custom 'mod on top of the Succubus version of Lucifier, and all of the residual code was modified slightly by his alterations to the mixture. A pair of horns, bent backwards, which wasn't an option in the official pack.

Blackened sclera to a slightly lighter shade than was officially available, orange irises containing bioluminescent compounds, which again, were not an option in the official pack. Pink hair, muscle tone specifically in the abdominal region, elfish ears and a girlish figure.

Though unexpected, it was a pleasant surprise - he'd planned for his first 'mod to be a genderswap already, or at the very least one to make him androgynous in appearance. However, he couldn't hide it from Victor.

A dread overcame the youth. Not for fear of punishment, no reasonable parent would ever even attempt to do something like that over an action that was legally considered to be a basic right of all Novahumans.

No, it was the dad jokes.

By the Void, the dad jokes.

“Whoa there Lucifer, I ain't dead yet.” the old fart would chime in for a week straight every morning.

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