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Chapter 55

Tanktantun rose to his feet, stumbling back a couple of steps with his head looking straight up. Bracing his tail against the floor stopped him from swaying so far back that he fell to the floor. He brought his head down to see Nualula.

At about the same time Nualula regained her feet and looked at him.

He had a pounding headache, and likely so did she. Both of their protective membranes were down, adding a slight blur to their vision. Tanktantun could feel tweaks of pain spilling from the Mote as well, its motions jerky and slow.

He thanked his father's tail that the dataspace fuse had blown when it did, although he couldn't shake the wish that it had popped just a couple moments earlier.

He had covered Nualula's arms and legs in little nicks, cuts and slices. As for him, the unarmored portions of his own body were at least as damaged as hers. Notable when one considered she had fewer soft targets to hit than he did. Nualula was a better fighter than he was.

Red Tail was the first to move, taking a couple of steps forward, then pushing off with powerful legs to smash into him.

The hit bowled him right over. He still hadn't recovered his balance. The Mote wasn't much better. They went down in a tangle of limbs and tails. He felt her open a gouge in his leg and he was able to dig his hand into her left arm. He pushed her away before she could get her claws into him again, releasing the bloody hold he had in her bicep.

She stumbled back and flexed her newly injured arm. Then her head twitched. "Erghghgh," she groaned in pain, her other hand coming up to grab at her skull. Nualula was still weathering the effects of whatever had gone wrong with the dataspace.

He was as strong, just as fast and unburdened by the mental attack, and she was still better than him in combat.

Tanktantun made the decision and activated his own mental switch. His mind narrowed to a point.

As if his eye was fully focused on a single dot.

The pain in his head increased.

It didn't matter.

Nualula looked at him. Her expression was different.

He didn't care.

There was the sound of a shriek in the background.

He didn't care.

Tanktantun rushed her.


"Do you think we'll ever get to… to just fly?"

A single spoken word woke him from his painful stupor.


Or at least, it began the journey back to wakefulness. Oriashka had cushioned him from the worst of the chaos in his head. But now her voice was strained, he could hear soft chitters of pain. Then another voice.

"No," said a voice, almost under his breath. That voice quickly rose in volume "Nononono! No!"

Lopulm stifled the groan and rolled over, still unable to focus his eyes through the pain in his skull.

The sounds of pain stifled into a single strangled inhalation of air.

"NO!" the voice shouted in despair. Lopulm's eye focused, allowing him to see Otto overtop his sister, bearing her to the floor with brutal strength. With a cable plugged into the back of her head. As he watched, she slumped and released a single long sigh.

Otto, his hands shaking, pulled the cable and stood back from the dead body of Oriashka.

Rage gave him power and focus.

Lopulm was on his feet in a fraction of a second, lunging towards Otto, straight for his neck. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?" he screamed at the top of his lungs. He had a moment to register those odd gauntlets snapping back onto the Human's arms. Otto was just able to get his arms up to protect himself.

Lopulm's talons scratched the hard surface of the armour as Otto fended off the swipes. The Human shifted, pulling his left shoulder back and holding his artificial right hand out in front of him. He took no action to attack Lopulm. That just made him angrier.

"You KILLED her!" Lopulm screamed, the sheer volume of his voice making the Human flinch. He jumped attempting to catch the Human with his feet. Otto was able to grab his left ankle with that artificial hand and interrupt the attack. The Human turned and hauled on Lopulm's leg, attempting to throw him some distance away. Lopulm couldn't convert the momentum, tumbling through the air and crashing back to the floor.

The Human held out his left hand, palm down, "I didn't mean for this to- I was trying to free her!"

Otto was Hatherkey's enemy and had killed an asset, Lopulm had all the freedom he needed to act on his despair.

"And you killed her!" Lopulm screamed back as he regained his feet and lunged for the Human again with a powerful flap of his wings. The Human tried the same trick again, but Lopulm was still a little faster, more dexterous. He grabbed the artificial hand and used it to pull himself closer.

Otto moved slower, but with better control. His left hand came up just at the right angle to grab Lopulm's wrist and then yank him aside again. The Human was toying with him! Again Lopulm tumbled tail over head as he flipped through the air. He landed near the corpse of a Veprutasian.

The Human flinched, his head turning quickly to his left, his eyes squeezed shut as if in pain. Lopulm picked a blocky light rifle from the ground where the Veprutasian had dropped it and squeezed off a couple of shots. Pulse shots. They flashed across the deviation field the Human was wearing. Otto's head jerked up and his eyes snapped back open. A harness limb unfolded from the man's back with a plasma rifle mounted, but he didn't fire it.

Otto didn't want to hurt Lopulm.

Well, that was too bad.

Lopulm crouched and then jumped straight up with a mighty flap of his wings. He needed height.

Hather Key Nerom

An audible click of an emptied magazine followed the string of bullets pelting into his jaw. He brought his head down to find the piece of meat who dared to smash his mouth shut. One of the Humans. The smallest of the set.

He knew of Crawk. An old soldier with a robust suite of augmentations. The strange armour made him even more dangerous. This Human though, unaugmented, but full of a Human's potential for disaster and disruption.

The blocked flame had burnt his mouth, nerves protesting with pain at the treatment. He spat a quick squirt of oil and the sparks from his spiked nubs lit the liquid as it flew.

Good, he could still breathe fire.

The Human with the rifle scrambled between his legs away from the flame. Between his legs! With a plasma rifle aimed at him.

Hather was still struggling against the heavily upgraded Ytheon, but it wasn't wise to ignore that weapon. He let go of one hand to punch downwards, dropping a shoulder as he did so. Crawk attempted to yank Hather off his feet, but he didn't quite have the weight he needed.

It was still enough to prevent the Superior from getting a grip on the Human. The Silianiscan's hand crushed the plasma rifle, but not before a single bolt of plasma sunk into his palm.

Crawk grabbed Hather's throat, but the armoured plate wouldn't give as quickly as the Ytheon hoped. Hather lashed his heavy tail, hoping to break the Human with the armour-plated limb. Then he saw the the damn Human skittering out of range to his right. The Human made it out unharmed.

He registered a spot of heat on the side of his stomach. With his free hand, Hather reached down to discover a melted section of a plate where the Human must have shot him just before Hather had smashed the rifle. Just before the bastard shot him in the jaw.

His attention was forced back when the Ytheon lunged forwards, attempting to put that horn plate to use. Usually, Hather's long neck would let him avoid such an attack, but Crawk still had a hold of his neck. The hard impact rattled his head, sending a shock down his spine, but it failed to do any hard damage to Hather's armoured skull.

The black Ytheon tried again, but Hather still had a free hand, he was able to catch the horn plate and force Crawk's head back.

This damn Ytheon, if only-

His headband was off. "Freeze, [Freeze]," Hather ordered.

He saw Crawk's face distort, then the creature's grip weakened and he stopped moving. With his hand still on the Ytheon's head, Hather pulled his other hand from Crawk's grip, pulled the hand off his neck and then wrenched on Crawk's head to throw him aside.

The limp body of the Ytheon went reeling away and smashed into a pile of crates. But shifting sideways he had opened himself up to being attacked. Hather felt a burst of bullets sinking into the melted hole in the side of his belly.

Hather whipped around to face the Human who had shot at him. The Human was diving out of the way of the crashing Ytheon body.

"Uncivilized TRASH, I'll make you wish you were still banging rocks together like your ancestors!"

"I'm already hittin' yer head with bullets," The Human replied as he adjusted the ear covering that had been knocked loose in his dive. "It's like, the same thing!"

Hather breathed in and expelled another gout of flame, sending the Human scrambling. It did nothing to silence the creature.

"Catch me if you can, Silly!" the Human laughed as he ran.

Nualula Telesis

For all that he was armoured and free to do as he wished, the Green was showing his inexperience. While perhaps Nualula was every bit as nicked and cut as Tanktantun was, all his cuts were in soft areas, and far more were close to vitals.

She was still in her prime. But then, as a Primary, she had a long life to live. He might too if he made it out of this alive. Tanktantun was appraising her as well, but he was slower to finish whatever thought had attached itself to him. She took a couple of steps forward to find her stance and leapt towards the younger Kraltnin.

He was able to raise his hands to catch her in mid-jump partially, but they still went down in a tangle. She was only able to get a foot in his leg before the claws on his hand pierced the flesh on her arm and provided him with enough grip to throw her off.

Again she backed off while flexing her arm to make sure nothing serious was compromised in the exchange. Tanktantun too backed off, his head hunched down as he continued to think too hard about just what he was going to do. The young Kraltnin was giving her too many breaks, breaks that she needed-

"Erghghgh," she groaned in pain, grabbing her head. It came in waves, although the effects were lessening. It was this dataspace noise that had resulted in the relative stalemate they'd experienced so far. If not for this vicious headache, she likely would have killed him by now. She was still split on whether this was a good thing. Nualula looked up in time to see Tanktantun's expression change.

His stance changed. His posture loosened and his pupil contracted as he stared at her.

Not a thinking face, a hunting face.

She almost let her attention wander when Lopulm screeched. She hadn't the freedom to watch the two Leralin while fighting with Tanktanktun. Just because she had been doing better didn't mean she had any leeway. And now was suddenly worse, that expression on his face-

He pushed off with his tail, running at her with his arms up to guard. She grabbed his arms and rolled backwards attempting another rake with her feet. He didn't stay on the ground, Tanktantun was able to jump just enough to avoid her claws, and his tail thrashed as he flipped through the air just enough to spin him around.

Tanktantun landed on his feet while she was looking up at him from the ground. He raised a heavy armoured foot. Nualula had to roll sideways to get out of the way.

It landed with a thump and moved with a grinding screech.

Nualula pushed up to a crouch and jumped sideways as Tanktantun came flying her way again.

This was different! What had changed?

She slipped under and behind his punch, hoping to sink her claws into his ribs. Tanktantun continued to spin, ensuring only his armour was in reach. Her claws skidded along Tanktantun's armour, leaving long scratches. She instead caught his ankle with her tail and yanked him off the ground, forcing him to fall sideways. He rolled back to his feet as quickly as he'd dropped, allowing him to catch her follow-up jump.

After pulling his leg, she had spun in place and coiled up. Jumping from there Nualula was surprised to discover him waiting for her to pounce on him. Nualula's feet came forward to land in Tanktantun's waiting hands. He grabbed her feet and turned sideways, pulling her along. Nualula had avoided letting him properly catch her for a reason.

He smashed her into the hard floor of the warehouse, causing her sight to flash with pain and shock. The pain reminded her of the headache.

"Krgh!" Nualula grunted in pain. Forcing it away for a moment she sighted Tanktantun just in time to pull her head aside. An armoured and clawed foot once again smashed into the space she had occupied. His expression remained blank. Cold.

Shock and fear cleared a bit of the fog just in time. She pushed herself away to avoid another stomping strike. Again she came up low, but Tanktantun was following up before she was ready to move. She raised the artificial hand to catch the attack. His claws sunk into the alloy and he pulled her arm aside as he attacked her with a swipe instead of a punch.

She was able to grab his wrist, but the strength and power of his strike meant she couldn't stop him from sinking his claws into her chest. She grunted in pain as he sunk his hand deeper into her flesh, not letting her get away. "Ergh! Wha- you decided to kill me after all Tanktantun?!"

His face was that of a hunter.

He didn't care if she died.

He raised a foot and went to strike. What happened next surprised her, instead of ripping a huge furrow through her belly, his nails did little more than run along her flesh in a way that would make her shiver in another context. The hand sunk into her chest pulled back unwillingly. He tore a chunk out of her, but she was free of his grip. The one holding her artificial limb let go as well. The arm sparked, his claws having punctured something possibly important.

The wound in her chest was bleeding terribly, Nualula could feel herself growing cold.

Tanktantun stumbled forwards as his armour of all things seemed to fight him. It fought him until it actually separated and fell backwards. The exosuit had removed itself from his body!

Tanktantun did a full eye blink, not just the membrane but his actual eyelid closed and opened.

His expression had shifted to the Tanktantun from before.

"Wha- how…" His shoulders dropped, "Otto did warn me he didn't know…"

Was he using some sort of doping? That made sense! Nualula laughed and flopped forwards. Blood streamed down her chest. They had been fighting too long and he had put too many cuts in her.

"How are you still going?" Nualula mumbled.

"I have to keep up with Humans regularly."

"Oh, that makes sense too-ah." Tanktantun rolled her onto her back. He had a tub of stuff in his hand. Nano-fix. Oh, that was good. The young Green slathered it on without a care, not bothering to save any for later.

Whether that worked or not was up to luck at this point. Nualula's eyelid dropped shut. One way or another, she wasn't going to see how this ended.

"Nualula?" Tanktantun called from a distance. "Red Tail?! Nualula Telesis!"

She couldn't speak her last thought, ‘Look to your friends…'


"She just wanted to fly!" Lopulm shrieked at him again.

Otto's stomach clenched as he back peddled. Lopulm was raining shots down on him with the pulse rifle he'd picked up and wasn't coming down to visit all that easily.

Otto concentrated and fired back with the plasma rifle for the first time. It lit Lopulm's d-field right up, obscuring the bird's vision. "Haven't had enough?!" Lopulm screamed, "She wasn't enough for you?!" Pulse shots continued to rain down, although now barely any of them were hitting Otto's field.

Otto stopped backing up and continued shooting at the bird as Lopulm awkwardly held his height advantage. If he wasn't going to dive, then Otto needed to press this advantage. It only took a couple more shots at the bird to convince him to move. Lopulm beat his wings heavily to gain some more height, not bothering to shoot as he did so. He wouldn't hit like that anyways.

Otto pinched off one last shot as Lopulm tilted forward.

Otto was still riding high on the mental switch. He watched the bird drop. The loading bay was only three stories high, Lopulm couldn't reach full speed from that height. Otto still remembered the flying games with Aurula.

His mind rippled as he remembered her. The distraction was almost enough to prevent Otto from falling backwards as Lopulm buzzed him. Otto hit the floor just in time. The wind of Lopulm's near passing ruffling Otto's hair.

Aurula! Was she aboard that shuttle? Was she still in the loading bay? Otto glanced around. He could see a handful of other stasis pods. He could also see Tank fighting Red and Tsury hiding behind a pile of crates. Crawk was also grappling with the bigger Hatherkey.

Lopulm flapped as he regained his height. Otto pulled his attention back and the harness limb plasma rifle rested on his shoulder as he aimed his next shot. He could probably hit Lopulm's wing. It extended far enough that his D-field wouldn't protect the Leralin's extremities. The problem was that he didn't actually want to hurt Lopulm. He picked a spot just under the base of Lopulm's wing and beside his hip.

Otto just wanted to bring the D-field down.

His shot was on target but the field didn't go down yet.

Lopulm banked, coming back around for another dive.

Otto fired again, then again. The fourth shot dropped the shield, but Lopulm was already on him.

Rather than fall backwards, Otto tried to dive to the side. Lopulm's vision was clear this time, and his reaction time was better. Lopulm had no problem shifting to follow Otto, hands outstretched. Otto grabbed one wrist with his artificial hand, Lopulm managed to grab Otto's other wrist, sinking his talons into the soft flesh.

Otto's attempt to throw the bird didn't go so well this time. By having a grip on Otto's wrist, Lopulm instead just twisted through the air, and he could handle that. Lopulm flipped around, coming to land on the floor next to Otto, but only one foot touched the ground. Otto lifted an armoured leg to stop the taloned foot from ripping into him.

He'd owned birds. They liked to climb. It never occurred to him that would be a thing in a fistfight.

Lopulm grabbed on, sinking a couple of talons into the soft flesh of Otto's inner knee. Then, using Otto as a perch, he lifted the other leg to strike. Otto hadn't even thought of that. Otto whipped his right arm to the side, attempting to throw Lopulm's hand and upset the bird's balance. Without the time to see if it worked, he then reached down to grab the second foot before it tore into something vulnerable.

Lopulm's hand came straight for Otto's throat. Otto threw his whole body sideways. Lopulm extended out his wings to try and stop the roll, but Otto hadn't been gentle. With those talons coming for his neck, he couldn't afford to be. There was the distinct snap of a bone breaking.

Lopulm shrieked.

Otto had lost his noise cancellers. The sound was deafening. But neither of them stopped moving. Lopulm kept fighting out of rage, Otto for necessity.

The talons in his leg dug deeper. The ones in his wrist, the same. Otto had managed to get his arm up and block Lopulm's other hand from getting a hold of his neck. He still had another weapon. Otto jerked his head sideways to avoid the beak. It snapped shut with a threatening click right next to his ear. Otto lunged forward to smack his forehead into Lopulms face. He grunted as they wrestled, Lopulm growled. "She didn't deserve to die like that! She just wanted to fly!"

They rolled around more, a brutal contest of strength and dexterity. Otto had the power, but Lopulm had the weapons. Lopulm lost his grip on Otto's left wrist but got a hold of Otto's shoulder instead, his thumb sinking into the gap just under the collarbone. Otto kneed the bird in the crotch. This just made Lopulm angrier.

This time Lopulm sunk his beak into Otto's neck.

Otto punched Lopulm once. Then the white Leralin got a hold of his wrist. Otto could overpower Lopulm, but not quickly enough. He could feel the beak sink deeper, slicing through flesh.

Otto made the decision.

Lopulm saw the plasma rifle rise and take aim. He didn't stop.

Not until hot plasma burned its way across Otto's cheek and through the Leralin's head.

The hands and legs went limp, letting Otto go, but the beak was still in his neck. Otto pulled the beak apart. It came out easy with no supporting structure. He fished around and found the tin of nano-fix hanging off the waist belt of his harness and slathered it on his neck.

With the fight with Lopulm suddenly over, Otto could hear Daniel.

"Catch me if you can, Silly!" Daniel laughed.


Daniel wondered just how much fuel that bastard had as he ran his ass around the armoured dragon.

The flame stopped and the Silianiscan thundered after him.

Well ‘Step 1: Save Crawk,' was a success. Hatherkey was now focused entirely on something else. The only flaw with the plan was that Daniel was that something else. Now Daniel just had to either somehow kill Hatherkey or hold on until the others finished up. A glance out of the side of his eye showed Otto on his back, the white bird tossed aside.

Tanktantun was over there as well. Even as Daniel watched, the big Green guy was turning his way.

"Little faster guys!" Daniel muttered in the back of his mind. He couldn't spare the breath to speak, unless it pissed Hatherkey off. Daniel kept running, vaulting a box that was in his way. Moments later that same box came tumbling past him and he glanced back to see the bastard picking up another box.

The next thrown box was even further off the mark. Daniel made sure to slow to a jog and wave. That got Hatherkey running again. Another spout of flame came Daniel's way, but this time he was a bit far to get hit by that napalm squirt gun. Daniel palmed the holster on his waist strap. Empty, just the way it had been since he emptied that last magazine into the dragon's side.

Shooting Hatherkey in the jaw had been pretty damn cool though.

Then his back warmed up by at least twenty degrees. Daniel zigged to the side and tried to strafe around the dragon, letting him see what was up. One of the crates Hatherkey struck had spilled open. A load of weapons now lay at the Silianiscan's feet. Hatherkey aimed the pair of plasma rifles at Daniel and fired again.

"Fucking fantastic," Daniel thought to himself as he ran, opening up his stride to move as quickly as possible. He had to roll and dive to land behind the floating pallet forks the space warehouses liked to use.

A couple of shots slipped past the vehicle. One projectile popped through the body of the thing and heated up the side of Daniel's face. He took stock of what he had.

No grenades. No bullets. No plasma rifle. No D-field. No Nothing.

He glanced over to see Tank was all cut up. Otto had risen to a knee, but he had a huge patch of grey goo on his neck. Well, nothing but bad news.

"Hey Beeps, we got any way outta this?" Daniel asked. His helmet beeped at him. "Whaddaya mean ‘no'? Why ya gotta be so negative?" It beeped again. Sadly. "Well, peek over, tell me whatcha see."

The helmet lifted off his head. The lens mounted right on the top of the helmet made it easier to peek without making a target of itself. Daniel launched himself forwards, adrenaline spiking through his veins.

The Silianiscan had snuck up on him. Easy enough to do since Daniel couldn't hear the bastard. The info share of the Mote watched Hatherkey.

Then the first bit of good news arrived. The Mote accepted a signal and suddenly the shared space was going again. Otto and Tank were both firing plasma at Hatherkey, successfully drawing the Silianiscan's attention.

"We're coming," Otto sent.

"Yes," Tank followed up. His voice was colder than Daniel ever remembered hearing it.

Daniel immediately started looking for a weapon. He glanced around seeing what he could see, stopping for just a moment to wave at Tsury.

Confused, she waved back, but he was already heading for something that looked promising.

Hather Key Nerom

He turned his head as his deviation field augmentation lit up. The green Kraltnin and the other Human were approaching, staying close together and firing at him with plasma and pulse weaponry.

Hatherkey fired back and the energy splashed across their shared field. He kept shooting while priming his flame. He didn't have a great deal of oil left, but if they kept approaching he would have some good chances to use it.

They started running. Towards him. He scoffed, they weren't as strong as the Ytheon and his embedded deviation field was far stronger than creatures like they were likely to find. He exhaled, blowing steam to cool his innards while his blood channelled heat across his armour plating to dissipate into the air. He was mostly comfortable, but melee would be fun if they dared.

The Primary dared. The green skinned Kraltnin coiled up and then sprang at Hatherkey, taking a swing with his rifle as he did so. His aim was terrible, Hather's wasn't, but he did shoot too soon.

The Kraltnin's field lit up as it contacted Hather's but it warped badly and zapped at the body of the Green as it Hather's superior field forced the Kraltnin's away. Unexpectedly, his stronger field did not work in his favour.

A fist pushed through and Hather recognized the bulky design of the wrist armour. He fired his plasma rifle and it burned across the field of the Kraltnin. The wrist-mounted plasma shooter struck Hather's chest and he could feel the heat as it partially melted the plating around the impact. And then the Kraltnin smashed into him.

The plasma rifle was knocked from his hand, although the Kraltnin's pounce was messed up by simply raising his right arm. The Kraltnin's own right arm had another shooter however, allowing the Kraltnin a chance to shoot Hather's other rifle. It missed. The plasma melted the armour on Hather's left hand and he felt it burn into the muscle underneath. He growled in pain as the second attack on that hand played havoc on his nerves.

Enraged by the pain, Hather shoved with his right arm, throwing the Kraltnin back.

Then the big Human was there. "No dataspace?" the Human asked conversationally as he twisted the rifle in Hatherkey's hand, "Probably a good idea."

Hather breathed in but instead had to move his head aside to avoid taking a shot of plasma from the Human's limb mount.

Hather almost lost the rifle he was holding, but elected to throw it away, ripping it out of the Human's hands in the process.

"Fine then be that way," The Human taunted. He managed to step back just enough to avoid Hather's clawed hand. "Man, that Leralin was much faster than you, you're too heavy."

"UUAAAAAGH!" Hather tried to catch the Human with a swipe of his left hand and missed again, the damage inflicted on the limb stunting the attack. As he came back around with his right hand, he tried to spit fire. The Kraltnin intervened again with an overhand strike with both hands to the side of Hather's head, forcing the blast of fire past the Human.

The timing was right for Hather to put his claws in the stomach of the Kraltnin, except for the Human's limb rifle shooting his hand. Hather flinched reflexively, clenching his fist and drawing back enough to save the Kraltnin from harm.

The Kraltnin grabbed his outstretched arm and fired the plasma shooters on both arms into Hather's right arm.

But he hadn't finished his breath. He swung his head back to hit the Kraltnin and the bastard Human punched him in the jaw, cutting off the end of the stream.

"Fuck that's hard!" the Human swore.

Hather surprised them then. Instead of swinging around, he merely charged forward, his arms held wide. Hather caught them both, the sudden movement throwing the aim of their weapons off. His weight and strength overcame the pair of them with ease. The Human's shot went high. The Kraltnin hit Hatherkey in the chest plate, but neither of the shots hit anything that was already damaged. The plate on Hather's body was well tested. Just about any defended spot could take at least one shot of plasma before being compromised. As long as he could avoid letting them it the same spot again that is.

The Kraltnin put his feet on Hather's belly and grabbed a leg with his tail, fouling Hather's stride. The Human struggled as Hather drew his arm in, crushing the primitive between forearm and chest. The Human's plasma rifle still had enough arc to aim at Hather's chest and head, but the solution to that problem was simple. He bit down onto the weapon with his reinforced jaw, crunching through the barrel of the plasma weapon.

The sparks of shorting components were much less painful than the plasma itself might have been.

"Nghhh!" The Human grunted, unable to pry himself out of Hather's grasp. The Kraltnin's wrist weapons finished their short cooldown cycle and the Kraltnin fired again, both shots sinking into some prior damage. It burned through his innards, melting muscle and bone.

Hather screamed in pain and rage. He crushed the Human further, then managed to get his hand on the Kraltnin's armoured tail. With a solid grip and fueled by anger, he showed the Primary just what he was capable of doing. He yanked the tail upwards, lifting the surprised Green into the air and smashed him down into the floor.

"Hey, calm down Silly."

Hatherkey looked down and to the side to see the other Human. He was awkwardly holding a plasma cannon, aimed directly at the hole in Hather's side.

By the time Hather realized he needed to move, the smaller Human had already pulled the trigger.

End Chapter
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