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Hello it's me Weeble, some of you may know me as a background consultant for random things on Bought & Sold. This idea was developed long ago, (approximately half way through arc 2?), and I never had the writing confidence to make it happen until recently. u/MyNameMeansBentNose inspired me to start writing so I decided to do some of my own original work, eventually I felt confident enough to put this together and (with u/MyNameMeansBentNose help) add my own little piece to the Bought & Sold Universe.

Please Enjoy.

Just read Captain Rodgers and need a trip back to Arc 3 chapter 23?


> Heist 1


The streets were crowded as the two unusual figures strolled along. It was a metropolitan slum of tall skyscrapers. Advertisements bombarded the senses of those with the appropriate implants, which was almost everyone except maybe the rogue delivery boy. One figure was a large grey Kraltnin, he was almost the size of an alpha and wore a prism colored scarf around his neck. He carried a composite briefcase and had a black rectangular implant embedded into the scar on his chest. The other figure was larger still, he was human, and even by human standards he was tall.

“Let’s go over the plan one more time Rodgers.” The Kraltnin said to his partner.

“We go in, you are working for a wealthy alpha, and I’m your Human slave bodyguard.” He paused for a moment to scratch his chin with his three fingered metal left hand. “Now that I say it out loud isn’t that how we started Grey? Man time flies, we barely made it out! At least I didn’t lose my dominant hand; that would suck.”




Otto sneezed while running his hands through Aurula’s wing.

“Are you okay?” she asked him.

“Yeah, just a little dusty from the settling air.” He reassured her.




“Focus Rodgers!” Grey snapped while flicking his tail into the ground.

“Yeah right, sorry,” his neck cracked as his head whipped around. “Where was I? Oh yes, so we go in and purchase a coder with the fake money chip. By the time they try to request the money from all the spoof accounts we will be long gone.” He finished with a pump of his right arm.

“You sure you’re up for this? No more seizures?” Grey gave the Human a concerned look. What was that sound?

“Yeah I feel great haven’t had a seizure all da-“ Rodgers convulsed as his gait stumbled.

Grey braced against Rodgers before guiding him to an alleyway. He tugged at his face which revealed it was actually a life like mask, underneath the tanned Human’s actual gaunt face is revealed. Where his left eye should be was instead a deep scarred hole, a steady purple light and blinking orange light in the pit. Grey looked down to his chest to see the same two lights.

“Damn it, it’s a coding problem. Come on Rodgers we’re going to get you fixed up.” He supported him as his posture corrected.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” He said while correcting his mask.

“You’re not,” Grey interrupted, “Now let’s go steal a coder before the next one comes on.”

“And if the plan fails?” They both returned to the street walking towards their objective.

“Same as always,” The Kraltnin did his version of a cheesy grin.

“Ah, I love plan B,” Rodgers said with a wistful smile.


>Sapient Resources, Auction house.


The doorway was flanked by two Tak’tin, a Monos stood in front of the doors.

“State your business.” he stated in an agitated tone.

“Buying.” said Grey, Rodgers quietly standing next to him. His posture seemed neutral, but something about the Human obviously bothered the Monos guard.

“What’s in the box?” He questioned him, eyes narrowing.

“What I’m exchanging in purchase.” Grey spat back, his tail twitched in annoyance.

“Show me.” The bouncer demanded.

“You expect to violate the privacy of exchange between your employer and a Spectrum Alpha?” Grey accused him with a side to side bob of his head.

The Monos paused as his vision went off into the distance. After a couple moments he stepped aside.

“You may enter, but I will keep an eye on you.” He said in defeat.

The two entered the building, the lights were dim and flashing to the music. The music was disjointed, as if it was badly simulated. Yet the patrons inside seemed to be quite enjoying themselves. Grey wondered what kind of standards they had.

"Nice! Dubstep! I like this place!" Rodgers commented over the noise.

They navigated through the club to another door in the rear, another Monos bouncer let them through. After they passed through the doorway the sound died down to a background muffle. They entered a room with a counter in front of a small stage, another door in the back lead to the stage.

“Welcome welcome so glad to finally meet you it’s a pleasure to do business with a Kraltnin of your standing big spender right yes we can surely find what you’re looking for we have achun two of them young but good coders just let us know which one then we can talk price.”

*‘God, make it stop!’* Rodgers said mentally through is connection with Grey.

*‘Its a Treiddikx they all do that, I find it annoying as well.’* He agreed

The stage door opened; two small Achun were paraded out followed by a brown Bellani.

“Here, slave.” The Bellani announced.

The young Achun were green and red respectively, their gait and posture suggesting malnourishment and mistreatment.

“Ah here is my partner with the coders now don’t worry about how they look they can be a handful because they are young but don’t be fooled they are great coders and will make your alpha plenty of money yes let's talk money do you want one or both of them and how will you be paying today we take all forms of payments except other slaves food and fauna.”

Rodgers ignored the annoying Treiddikx and reached his normal hand towards the Bellani.

“Oh you're such a cute kitty aren't you? You have such a cute little voice!” The Bellani batted the hand away with his claws before rewarding him with a hiss. The four ears folded backwards.

“No touch!” He warned.

“Down human!” Rodgers retreated back to Grey while fanning his scratched hand in the air.

Grey and Rodgers looked at the Achun, the way they had been treated was a disappointment. Their fur had bald spots and their stance wobbled as to keep balance. It was easy for Grey to see they were under a silence command.

“Do they talk?” Grey questioned.

“Speak now” the Bellani commanded with a stomp of his little foot.

“Oh mister…” “... please buy us.” they said in earnest.

*‘So Rodgers which one should we get?’* He sent mentally.

*‘¿Por qué no los dos?’*

*‘Well first, do we wish to look after two. Secondly, Rodgers your translator is acting up again.’* Grey looked at him in concern.

The Bellani’s tail swished back and forth. “Well?”

*‘¡Mierda!’* Rodgers tapped the implant on his forehead. ‘How bout now?’

One of the Bellani’s ears twitched at the sound of the tapping.

*‘Better, so both?’*

*‘Si,’* Grey shook his head in defeat.

“We will be purchasing both.” Grey pulled a square device from a compartment on the case, it had a standard jack underneath a small cover.

“Thank you…” “...Mister!”

The Treiddikx took the device from Grey before plugging it into a port on the counter, a small screen displayed holographically. The display showed the receipt of transaction along with a lengthy five thousand word terms and conditions. Rodgers put his right hand to his mouth, reading the first lines out of what Grey could feel was morbid curiosity. As the Human got further in his prosthetic hand took on the shape of a hook. The lengthy text was making him… antsy.

“I would like to remind you that all transactions are final and come with a no refund policy if you find the ser…” the Treiddikx rambled on as he read every word of the terms and services. The holographic screen interrupted the alien as another message popped up, it had the picture of a Kraltnin and a Human. The announcement played an audio recording.

“Attention! The local enforcement agency would like to warn all people on the planet to keep a lookout for the infamous pirates Captain Gragalguk and his human sex slave Reggie. Both are wanted for the enormous bounty of…”

“Rodgers damn it! My name is Captain Rodgers!” The human blurted out in anger, then trailed off as he looked at the monitor. “Oh hey! They added another zero!”

“Mierda,” Grey swore under his breath. A small pulse of shock rippled through him when he realized what he’d done.

The two slave traders looked at each other in horror before the Treiddikx pushed a button on the display. The door behind them swung open as a pair of Monos entered.

“I knew you were trouble!” the bouncer huffed while holding a blast spear. Grey and Rodgers looked to one another.

“Plan B” they said together.

Rodgers ripped off his mask and then raised his clawed hand towards the Bellani.

“Here kitty kitty!”

Rodgers’ hand shot fourth on a thick cable. After trying to read the text, the hand had fully taken the form of a hook. The Bellani flinched when that hook fired at him, but it was a proper hand that arrived to grip his face.

Grey flipped the case sideways as an embedded anti grav unit held it in place while it opened. The blast spear wielding Monos charged as Grey ducked under the strike. Rodgers retracted his cable before winding up a throw, the Bellani flew into the Treiddikx’ round head, knocking them both down. Grey whipped his tail into the mono’s front arm which caused him to buck up on his hind legs. Using this moment he pushed the floating box towards Rodgers.

“Rodgers here!”

Rodgers juked as the other Monos fired plasma bolts at him with its rifle. The box floated gently into his side as he looked down at its contents. Inside was two pulse repeaters with underslung osknives and a cutlass made of a dark metal, the hilt was actually a pulse pistol. As he drew the sword from the box a plasma bolt hit him in the chest. Rodgers and the Monos paused to stare at the smoldering spot. Woven into his shirt was a composite plate.

“Wow, that could of ended badly.” Rodgers smiled, he turned his head for a moment to yell at his partner. “Hey Grey it worked!”

The cutlass swung out as the Monos blocked it with his rifle. Rodgers gave a kick to push the case back towards his Kraltnin partner. Grey sprung up with his kangaroo like legs as the Monos came back down with the spear. He tumbled through the air and grabbed both repeaters from the box. He unloaded into the spear wielding Monos but was disappointed to see a deviation field light up in sparks.

“Damn” Grey cursed.

Rodgers broke away from his opponent to see the Monos drop the wreck of the rifle and pull out a pair of oswords.

Grey charged the spear wielder. He blocked the spear with his left osknife, careful to not set it off the blast. Realizing the bad angle of his strike he knocked the haft away with the flat of the blade. Osknives didn’t like torsion. He reached forward with his other blade and stabbed the Mono’s harness. The Monos reared up and grabbed Grey with his secondary hands before pinning both arms down. He prepared to thrust the spear at Grey’s head.

The Sword wielding Monos swung at Rodgers as the man danced around. Rodgers wound up a large swing at the side of the Mono’s head, the Monos attempting to stop the blade with both his own. As the cutlass contacted the oswords they shattered. The custlass continued on to bury itself halfway into the Monos face. Rodgers saw Grey hit the ground and pulled the trigger on his pulse pistol. The sword still buried in the first mono’s head fired out from the hilt and into the chest of the spear Monos. Grey used the opportunity and slipped free, he buried his osknives into the mono’s gut and fired. The spear Monos fell onto Grey. With a heavy grunt the Kraltnin used his strong legs to push the corpse off.

“Pirate scum!”

“I swear we will hunt you down for this you hear me there is no getting away from us we will hire mercenaries to right this injustice you scum we will have every authority in the galaxy and every underworld boss making sure you are punished for messing with us you hear me?”

A hail of pulse rounds rained above the traders heads as they ducked behind the counter.

“Shut up!” The pirates said together.

Rodgers pulled off his burnt shirt exposing his bare chest and discarded it. It landed with a thunk. He placed the cutlass in a belt loop before he reached down and scooped up the two tiny achun under his arms.

“Hey, where are…” “...you taking us.” They protested as their little limbs flail about.

“Ooh, fuzzy,” Rodgers mumbled.

They both ran through the back door on the stage, the room behind was lined in cells. Each cell contained a slave of some sort, all of them malnourished or barely alive. Grey reached through dataspace and found the lock mechanism. He mentally scrolled through his attack programs and launched an appropriate crack.

[Run fire alarm routine]

The place rang as sprinklers turned, but the cage doors failed to open. Grey realized the owners didn’t care to give the slaves that easy a chance.

“Uhh…?” Rodgers questioned. “I guess they don’t use Osha here.”

Complaining under his breath, Grey looked for another option. Thinking back on the owners he realized there would have to be something. Bellani loved shortcuts and hated coming back to things. The security package was almost certainly out of date. He cycled up one of his security breach programs and set it to testing the lock for holes. He might have been out of the loop for a bit, but it was still as close to cutting edge as the Kraltnin got.

“Grey?” Rodgers asked. “That alarm is really loud.” He looked miserable with his hair now plastered to his head.

“Give me a minute!” Grey responded, his membrane down to protect from the running sprinklers.. “I have to find the-” With a loud series of clicks the cage doors opened up.

“Run! Run for your lives!” Rodgers screamed above the noise.

The slaves who could began to stampede their way out the building. Grey and Rodgers managed to exit through a back door.

“Well that was exciting…” Rodgers saw a Tak’tin behind Grey his blade arms raised.

Grey placed both repeaters over his shoulders and fired, the Tak’tin, now full of holes, crumpled to the ground.

“Thanks Rodgers.”

“You’re welcome!”

They both made their way back into the crowded streets, Grey checking the shared combat space to avoid any more unwelcome guests.

”We should hurry back to the Jolly Rodgers No. 13 before we get locked out of the docks.” Grey said while briskly pushing through the crowd.

“Yes, I want to… get off this planet… as soon as possible,” Rodgers agreed. Grey felt something off in his chest, spikes of pain that he instinctively knew wasn’t his. He looked to see bite marks in Rodgers’ side.

“Rodgers, they’re biting you.”

“No biggie, my anti-toxin implant should take care of…” Rodgers collapsed to the ground. The two achun, thrown from his arms, rolled into balls before stopping a short distance away.

Grey held a repeater on each one before tapping his tail in agitation.

“Now why would you two do such a thing?” His eye narrowed in annoyance.

“We were…” “... scared.” The two Achun froze in fear.

“You two…” “...are bad people.” the assessment made Grey stop and think. They weren’t wrong, but...

“Yes, we are bad people, but we are here to save you from worse people and give you a new life.”

“Really?” “You mean it?” they replied back.

“Of course, I just need you two to do a favor for us and you are free to go. Before that, I need you to help carry him, he’s really heavy.” Grey lowered his repeaters.

Grey checked the local map in his head and found a shady hotel nearby to lay low. The authorities would eventually make their way here, but for now it was good enough for what Grey needed to do. Grey lifted Rodgers’ torso as the achun wove a silk loop across his chest and under his armpits. As Grey warned, it took all three of them to drag the obscenely heavy Human across the ground.

The only relief was how close the little hotel actually was.

“Take the money and don’t ask questions.” Grey handed a payment chip to the receptionist.

The Veprutasian raised his wings in protest before Grey raised a repeater to his face. Without a word the bird resolved the issue by handing Grey a door key. They made their way to the room which the bird smartly placed on the first floor. It was a dingy grey box with equally as bland furniture. They worked Rodgers onto the grey bedding that looked like it was the cheapest thing out the maker.

“I am Grey, tell me your names.” Grey pulled out two small devices from his harness, each had a jack.

“I am Red Rock on High Plateau.” The entirety of his body was red fur on the topside with muted brown and streaks of grey underneath.

“And I am Green Valley with Calm River.” His colouring had bright green covering all of his body except for a single blue stripe running along the middle of his thorax and abdomen.

“Most just call us Red...” “...and Green!” As they introduced themselves Grey plugged the jack into the slave’s ports.

“I want you to listen to me very…” Grey activated the devices as the two Achun spasmed in pain. “...carefully.”

The two achun rolled onto their backs, every so often a limb would twitch about. Grey entertained the morbid thought that he had accidentally killed the pair. After some time had passed the little spiders rolled back onto their feet and regained balance.

“Why did…” “...You do that!”

“I just broke your slave package, you are free.” He stated while recovering the devices.

“Oh” said Red.

“Thank you” followed Green.

“What if…” “...we run away?”

“Well, you are two stolen slaves not too far from your former owners, and also I still got these.” he patted his hand on the repeaters.

“You wouldn’t shoot…” “... us would you?” the tilted their bodies towards each other trying to look endearing.

“For Rodgers…” He looked at the passed out Human on the bed. “... I would do anything.”

“But…” “...why?” they said while crawling up on the bed with the Human. He looked at peace with his long curly hair covering the hole where his left eye should be.

“I was a spectrum infiltrator.” He took off the scarf before throwing it in the corner of the room. “Rodgers was an experimental combat slave we worked on at a black site. Well, my Alpha Polparpoe Reiral was sick of my accomplishments outshining his. The grubby Alpha took the research notes and branded us all traitors. Rodgers almost died saving me, his handler, and Trututu, his surgeon.”

Grey paused for a moment as he remembered the incident. The scene of Rodgers pushing him and Trututu into an escape capsule before looking back through the closing capsule door. The explosion launched a scattering of shrapnel into the capsule. It embedded a shard of metal into his face as the door came down and severed his left hand. Grey remembered looking down at the long piece of metal embedded in his own chest before he blacked out.

“What happened next…” “...Mr. Grey”

“We tried to implant an SI in place of the damaged part of his brain. The core we used was low quality and unable to create the resolution needed for the human brain. I decided in that moment to implant a second core in me to make up for the low resolution. He placed his hand on his chest, the two lights shining.

“Trututu died after, we were assaulted by the same alpha when he heard we survived. We eventually got our revenge but Rodgers is still a mess. I need a code setter to fix his brain.” The two brothers looked at eachother and tilted their little bodies forward in a nod.

“We will help you” they said together.

“But afterwards what…” “...happens to us?”

“Well, you are free to come along with us for now. We can drop you anywhere you like, just know that you’ll never truly be free anywhere else.” Grey pulled up a universal backless chair.

“How…” “... so”

“Rodgers said once, freedom is being on the open sea, a cargo hold full of ‘cocaine’, and knowing that no laws can ever stop you. Free to go wherever you want and do whatever you please.” Neither Grey or the two achun understood what a cargo hold full of cocaine meant but the sentiment remained.

“So you…” “...became pirates?”

“Yes.” His head bobbed down in a Human gesture.

“Reporting for duty Mr. Grey!” they both sang.

“We want to…” “... be free too.” Their front palps nervously rubbed together.


>Hours later


Rodgers returned to consciousness slowly. Some jerk was dancing on his bed. Didn’t they know he was comfor-. His eyes snapped open. “What- hunh?” He wasn’t fully awake, but he knew something was wrong.

“He’s finally…” “...waking up!” The red and green spiders raised their middle legs… arms(?) into the air.

With a groan he rolled over and sat up. He looked around the dingy grey on grey room. He brushed his hand through his curly hair before looking at his two attendants. His hair felt greasy.

“Hey, where’s Grey?”

Loud noises filled the corridor outside of the room. Rodgers instinctively grabbed the two Achun and ran out. Outside the door Grey was firing down the hallway.

“You’re awake, good! Now let’s get to the ship!”

They both retreated down the hall and through a different exit as they found themselves surrounded by a police barricade.

“That’s them!”

“I told you we would find you the authorities will make sure to collect the bounty on your heads and soon we will-” More pulse fire made the two slavers duck behind a police hover.

“Will you ever shut up!” Rodgers yelled as Grey fired into the police line.

The police returned fire as Grey stepped in front of Rodgers, the rounds sparking off his deviation field.

“When did you pick that up?” He asked as Grey threw him a harness.

“Right now, off the ones I killed in the hallway!” Rodgers threw on the harness and jacked it in as the field came online. The harness swung around loosely as Rodgers moved. The two spiders crawled onto his back as Rodgers pulled his cutlass.

“Any plans Grey?” Rodgers yelled out as they both ran for cover, the fields being lit up.

“I got an idea!” Grey mentally sifted through his attack programs.

[Junk mail protocol. Redirecting…]

The advertisements bombarding their vision multiplied as everyone but the pirates could no longer see. Using this opportunity they forced their way to a police hover. Rodgers swiftly batted a white Kraltnin aside with his sword knocking him into other officers. Grey jacked into the vehicle and hotwired it with another attack program. Rodgers and the achun piled in, the achun rolling about the interior. As they took off the other enforcers jumped inside their hovers and started to give chase. As they flew between the skyscrapers Rodgers opened his window.

“Excuse me a moment.” He said while reaching out with his left arm.

He launched his tethered hand out and grabbed a pursuing hover. He retracted the cable as he jumped out the window. The achun curiously looked behind to see Rodgers break the canopy open with his sword causing the officer to panic and fly off course. Rodgers repeated the process across two more vehicles before Grey dropped altitude. There was a firm ‘thump’ on the roof of their vehicle as Rodgers jumped and landed on it. He slipped back in through the window as they took off for the docks.

“Man! I feel great! Is it the work of these little guys?” He said while breathing heavily from his extravehicular activities.

“Yeah, they cleaned up some of the code in your head.” Grey said without taking his eye off the sky.

“You’re…” “...welcome!” The two said in their adorable tone.

They stashed the stolen hover as they ran towards the docks, a green ship that looked like a collection of spheres lay before them. The ship had a misshapen black rectangle with the skull and crossbones poorly painted on the side.

“And this is the Jolley Rodgers No. goddamn 13!” Rodgers announced throwing his arms out wide.

The ship exploded on the docks as Rodgers stood there frozen, a fireball rose up into the sky.

“Ah, someone broke in so my self destruct protocol went off.” Grey announced plainly, Rodgers lowered his arms.

“Oh well… I never liked that ship anyways.” He said while placing his hands on his hips.

“What’s the reason this time?” Grey asked him with a sideways look.

“13 is an unlucky number.”

“is that ALL this time?”


From the sky a burning red long coat fell onto the ground next to them.

“Score!” Rodgers announced as he picked it up off the ground.

He snuffed out the flames before throwing it on. he pulled a funny looking hat and an eye patch from the inner pocket, both bore the skull and cross bones.

“All right ye scallywags it’s time for your next mission!”

“Oh Captain!” “My Captain!” the two achun waved their front arms in excitement.

“What will...” “...we do next?”

“We will steal ourselves another ship!” Rodgers moved the three fingers on his left hand together and held it up like a hook.

“As always.” Grey chuckled pulling out his repeaters.


>Later, aboard a random Monos warship


The crew pulled the bodies of the old crew out of the ship and into a pile.

“Well that was a lot of tedious senseless violence.” Rodgers stated while wiping the blood off of… everything.

“Glad that’s over.” Grey agreed as he sat down on the ground catching his breath.

Three Monos came out with more bodies and added them to the pile.

“Thanks guys, We appreciate the help.” Said Rodgers, picking parts of gore off his jacket.

“...” the three Monos looked at him.

“Ah, you didn’t like them much. So you guys got names?”


“A warrior's vow of silence? In this day an age? I commend you.”


“Sure, I will give you names.” Rodgers looked at the shortest one.

“I will call you Big,” The tiny Monos flexed his arms, Rodgers looked at the well groomed one.

“You are Bad.” The second Monos bowed politely, He moved onto the last one who was scarred up with a huge underbite.

“And you are U-” Rodgers was cut off with an angry snort.

“U-nbelievably Beautiful” The ugly one smiled.

The three Monos shuffled back into the ship as Grey walked up besides Rodgers.

“So we have a new ship and a new crew.” Grey placed a hand on Rodgers’ shoulder.

“Yup, I like them already. So where to next?” Rodgers said turning his head to look Grey in the eye.

“My contact said some guy name ‘Longroll’ on the station ‘Bet Your Life’ should be receiving a valuable shipment.”

“Any idea what?”

“Something about stealth tech. It sounds related to something I heard about at the old job.”


Rodgers and Grey entered the vessel moving to the bridge. The two achun greeted them as they arrive.

“Oh Captain!” “My Captain!” The two achun greeted.

“Like this! Rodgers saluted them, hand to his head.

They returned the salute with their right palps.

“Perfect!” Rodgers exclaimed. “Okay men, next stop! Bet Your Life!”

The Jolly Rodgers No.14 rumbled to life as the wave drive took them from the surface into orbit.


>days later...


Rodgers covered his eye from the scorching sun. He was laying in one of the sand angel impressions he left in the desert. To his left the wreck of a Kraltnin shuttle, a long trail of upturned sand and earth behind it. Rodgers shook the water container in his right hand to find it devoid of any sloshing.


He wished the rest of his crew would find him soon, it has been two days since he was stranded. As his ear laid across the sand he heard the quiet shuffling of feet. His head snapped right to see five tiny aliens looking at him.

They were half foot tall capsules with two arms and three legs. Two solid black eyes stared at him while two antenne waved about on top of a stalk on their forehead. Their chitin was yellow with triangle separations, some triangles a solid black. Each one of them held a tiny rifle.


To be continued...

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