Age of Sail

Space is big. Really big. Space is so big if the sun went out right now, no one would know for 7 minutes.

Interplanetary travel, even within our own solar system, is predicted to take months at the least but many sci-fi stories have travel be nearly instantaneous, something star trek doesn't even do.

By all accounts, interstellar empires would be more akin to those in our age of sail than anything else. So I have a challenge for you: Write a story that chronicles the hard life of a human data courier, moving petabytes of of valuable information across the cosmos in a fortnight rather than months using a specialized ship. Cash transfers, one time pads, and confidential information being the least of the data moving on the galactic sneakernet means there are a multitude of criminals looking to loot a data courier's corpse, truly a life only fit for a human.