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    Original Content Transcripts 2: Chapter 7

    I was just binging through transcripts, but the link to the next one seems broken on this chapter, so I guess I will have to leave my comment here, great story! I love it and its definitely something i will share with my friends :) also will Nako show of his human toys to Jasi? :0
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    Original Content Bought and Sold. Chapter 58, Arc 3

    Argh, please, think of your european fans, we need some sleep! Jokes aside, that was a great chapter and I am looking forward to how Lumi gets involved with the group's adventure, maybe they will be able to manipulate Strife's systems so Stacey will be droped off at a location where they can...
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    Original Content Bought and Sold. Chapter 43, Arc 3

    Upvote, write a comment complaining about it being 2 in the moring, then read