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  1. Dinomyar

    Original Content Only Humans Have Souls

    Originally posted at Dinomyar Writes --- Chilla is holding her fathers hand while they walk through the bazaar courtyard when they pass a couple humans yelling at each other. “Fadir, why did that alien yell at the other one to go to hell? Where is hell?” she asks her father. “Well…” Guster...
  2. Dinomyar

    Original Content Complacency

    Originally Posted on my site Dinomyar Writes --------------------------------------------------- Krag’var walked into Emperor Thun’kun’s throne room, trying to stop shaking at the thought of being executed after presenting his report. He looked at the members of the Emperors entourage and saw...
  3. Dinomyar

    Original Content Until Death

    My latest story: [Dinomyar Writes] Excerpt: Professor Malkin was sitting in his office pondering what species to use to try and stump his students in today’s lecture. In thirty years of teaching final level Xenoanthropology, he has never failed at bringing up a sentient species that none of...
  4. Dinomyar

    Original Content Why do we fight?

    I have been writing and posting on my site and on r/hfy and learned about this site, so I will start posted links here also. Hope you enjoy. This is my take on a couple of common tropes, I think of it as a cross between Enemy Mine and Blue Lagoon. It does have lite pancakes, but should be SFW...