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  1. AdeptSilence

    Original Content Only Humans Have Souls

    Good way of showing the poisonous nature of religion. An innocent alien taken in by the promise of eternal life, like so many humans before them, only to inevitably discover the dangerously vile intent behind it all.
  2. AdeptSilence

    Original Content To Touch The Stars - Episode 1

    When does Lord A'Pos'Tro'phee join in? :p
  3. AdeptSilence

    Original Content Bought and Sold. Chapter 43, Arc 3

    Meeting Blue sky seems to have been a jump to the future. The timeline is a bit confusing.
  4. AdeptSilence

    Original Content Quick Challenge

    Sitting atop a throne of gaudy jewels and precious metals the alien overlord of sector D7-56 regarded the creature in front if him. It stood meekly and quivering, clearly terrified of his magnificence. The ape vocalised repeatedly but there was as yet no translator matrix available for this new...
  5. AdeptSilence

    Reaction Mass

    "What is the object's trajectory now?" "It is decelerating quicker and adjusting its course to still be on target for Gren" The brightly lit command deck of the Grenthling patrol ship gave its crew almost perfect oversight of everything within a billion kilometres. Science officer Tarem had...
  6. AdeptSilence

    Foreign Warning World

    This is an insight into the world where Foreign Warning takes place. I intend to flesh this out to provide a framework for me to build the rest of my novella and allow any other Arkmuse users to have a go at writing something in-universe if they would like to do so.
  7. AdeptSilence

    World Building Category

    Yeah, another forum area. I think the best title would be simply "World Building"
  8. AdeptSilence

    World Building Category

    Could we have a category specifically for world building? Instead of sharing stories it could be a place for authors to 'open source' their worlds so that others can provide feedback, make contributions, or even write their own story to join in the world.
  9. AdeptSilence

    Original Content Transcripts 2: Chapter 4

    Great story. Looking forward to see what happens!
  10. AdeptSilence

    Original Content Foreign Warning - Part 4

    Still in year 6431, Day 270 (Fian calendar), aboard the Aienta “What's that sound?” “What soun... CRAP stop the mining now!” Derrema practically screamed. Hurriedly they slammed the emergency stops and the mining LASERs ceased. “Damn it's getting louder.” “What is it?” Hlat’s worried query...
  11. AdeptSilence

    Original Content Adventures of a Pet

    That would make for one grumpy pet! Even worse if you were allergic to them too.
  12. AdeptSilence

    Original Content Adventures of a Pet

    This is a one-off brain-fart of an idea inspired by a picture. ----------------------- “Human! I require your assistance” demanded the vile quadruped. I awoke drearily from my daze and looked around the spartan room devoid of any signs of normality. “What time is it?” I murmured as I reached...
  13. AdeptSilence

    Original Content Spore Creature Creator: Fian from the Foreign Warning Universe

    The three arms of the Fians are more like tentacles in that they don't have joints but rather just a long wibbly-wobbly appendage. The creature creator only has jointed arm models though so I tried to simulate the effect my making them look elongated.
  14. AdeptSilence

    Original Content Spore Creature Creator: Fian from the Foreign Warning Universe

    Made using the Creature Creator in Spore & originally posted to my Patreon page.
  15. AdeptSilence

    Original Content Foreign Warning - Part 3

    As always, I welcome any feedback you have! I will try to remember to post here as soon as possible after I've published on Patreon. Part 1 | Part 2 Still in year 6431, Day 235 (Fian calendar), aboard the UCS Kenladur After a few tense minutes the crew had all gathered in the main instance...