Rules & Expectations

Like any community, there are rules. Here's ours.


General Rules

  • Please read and follow our Standards and Expectations for posting. Read the rest of the rules. Check out our FAQ for info on posting stories.
  • If you are searching for a specific story, please use the built in search function or check the Classics, Featured, and Must Read lists before making a post.

No Writing Prompt threads

  • Post all writing prompts to the Writing Prompt thread. Do not post any writing contests. Additionally, do not post any "looking for story" requests that are simply disguised writing prompts.

Flair your post

  • Apply the appropriate flair to your story after posting to make it easier to find certain types of posts.

Do not redistribute/plagiarise another's work

  • Do not republish or reproduce another author's work without their permission. This includes converting stories into an ebook format and making it available to others or recreating the story in audio/video format. Once you have obtained an author's permission, please directly state it in your post. Plagiarism of another author's work is a bannable offense.

Max 4 posts per day

  • Limit yourself to posting at most 4 posts per day to avoid having one author take over the front page. If you are trying to post a single story as multiple parts due to character limits and it would require more than 4 parts, please message the mods first so we can approve it.

No standalone advertising

  • We do not deny an author's need to promote their work, however we do require this only be done in a relevant context. Any link not otherwise associated with an OC post must have a summary or similar descriptor of at least 350 characters, providing relevant OC information. Standalone posts which serve only to advertise wares, commercial or non-commercial, will be removed.

Standards and Expectations

Our Goal

  • Foster a nurturing community that aims to bring out the best in both stories and writers alike.

Submission Guidelines

  • Review and follow our guidelines on sexual content.
  • Regarding writing in settings and universes that are not of your own creation...
    • If you wish to write a story set in a universe created by another ArkMuse author, obtain permission from the creator first.
    • If you wish to write a story set in a popular fictional universe, such as those of Star Wars, Mass Effect, 40k etc. please point out that the story does in fact take place in an established universe and credit the original creator.
  • You may not republish or reproduce another ArkMuse author's work without their permission and appropriate attribution. This includes, but its not limited to, transcribing, narrating, or converting stories into an ebook format and making it available to others.
  • Mark your story as NSFW if it contains content that could cause problems for someone reading at work. Foul language is normally not enough to warrant the tag, but if it is to the point that someone else would question what a person was reading, please mark the post appropriately. While not required, it is considerate to let people know why the post is marked NSFW at the start of the post.

Author Permission

Author permission beyond generally acceptable fair use is required for using another ArkMuse author's content in your own story or for reproducing their work. Make sure you include a clear scope for what permission you are trying to obtain, which may include universe, characters, or time frame. Once you have obtained permission, please indicate on your post that you obtained permission, to also make it clear that you read these rules. Include the following:

  • Statement that the story, narration, ebook, etc., was posted with permission of the original author (and link to that author).
  • Link to the original work.
  • Link to any other website the original author requires: patreon, personal website, subreddit, etc.
  • Link to and compliance with any license agreement the work is restricted by, if it is not hosted on. Reddit

Be respectful to one another and don't cause needless drama

  • If you don't like someone's work don't read it. If you think it could be improved by all means post how it could be improved and how you would go about it if the story was yours but don't post anything negative or hateful. The internet and the world is harsh enough as it is, this is a diverse community with people ranging from all walks of life. English may not be their first language, so become a teacher and make them a better writer by helping them instead of condemning them.

Give creative and useful criticism

  • Provide examples of how to improve the work, be it pointing out the correct spelling of a word, how to phrase a sentence or better write out a paragraph. Many are just writing here for fun or off of a burst of inspiration with almost no proof reading. Help improve the quality of the story not by tearing it apart, but by pointing out where it needs to be mended and helping with overseeing the patch work. Odds are the author will take the lesson to heart and remember it the next time they produce a piece.

Don't harass an author with hateful PMs

  • If you don't like someone's comment or story please take it up with the mods rather than dealing out a personal form of vigilante justice yourself. That only leads to further hate and drama which brings down the quality of the community as a whole. If you are being harassed by a user, please message the mods.

When submitting sexual and/or controversial content, please adhere to the following

  • Mark your post NSFW.
  • Explicit encounters have their place and purpose. Use judiciously!
  • Authors are strongly encouraged to avoid casual use of sexual/controversial topics.
  • Use respect and caution when dealing with cultural taboos of any kind, and be aware that they may provoke a strong reaction from the readership.
  • Sex with the non-consenting is a dangerous topic to explore, and must never happen in a pornographic context.
  • If you must explore these themes, it should be (though, strictly speaking, isn't required to be) crucial to the advancement of a major plot.
  • Sex with non-sapients is always non-consensual, and depictions are NOT PERMITTED on ArkMuse.